6 Awesome Benefits Of Reverse Crunches You Can’t Ignore

Which is the efficient and safe way that you can build your core strength omitting lower back issues? I bet your answer was the reverse crunches. Surprisingly there are many benefits of reverse crunches.

The reverse crunches are an engaging activity. They are well executed lying on your back and tightening your muscles at the abdomen.

Performing the reverse crunches in the right way improves your abdominals in addition to a broad range of other benefits. For a comprehensive reverse crunch guide, follow this link.


Strengthening Your Abs

The reverse crunches target the abdominal section of your body. Performing the reverse crunches is a good way of teaching the muscles in your abdominal section to work in a coordinated manner.

To get better results, the reverse crunches can be combined with exercises such as glute bridges, side planks, and push-ups among others. This coordination has far way much more advantages than one can brainstorm.

Notably, most of the athletic activities require more than fitness. They need excellent core movement. This coordination will go far in improving your balance.

This improved balance from the reverse crunches can be very useful in times of exercises or organized sports. Additionally, it will be of help in your daily life. You will be more flexible, and you will run your errands with no hassles.

In strengthening your abs, the reverse crunches will be more particular on the external obliques of your abdominal area.

However, for starters, who have never done the reverse crunches; some adverse effects will be experienced. You will probably experience sore abs in your first time of the exercises.

Correct Lordosis

Also referred to as hollow-back, Lordosis is an abdominal (forward) curvature of the vertebral column. Many of humans tend to acquire this condition over time. Our sitting postures are of significant influence to the condition.

If overlooked, this state will give you a crooked back. Would all be the same with a curved back? In my evaluation, I do not think so. Running our daily chores would turn to be hectic.

By tilting your pelvis, (when your back is lying flat on the ground), the spine curvature can be easily corrected over time. Doing the reverse crunches routinely will be of help in your course.

One of the primary functions of the abdominal muscles is keeping the spine from flexing and stabilizing it. The wrong sitting postures will forcefully flex the muscles and destabilize them. This way you can evade Lordosis.

Strengthening And Toning Your Lower Abs Muscles

If you are male, I am sure you would love to have a nice six pack. Is that not true? For women, a flat well-toned stomach is a dream for many. Many people do a variety of things all with the aim of having a toned belly. Sadly, some of the efforts might be fruitless in getting rid of your belly fat.

The basic crunches target your entire abs. On the contrary, the reverse crunches target specifically your lower ab muscles.

The rectus abdominis is the one that is primarily affected by the reverse crunches. This muscle runs from your rib cage down to your pelvis. It is the one responsible for six packs.

This muscle allows the flexing and turning of the torso in addition to helping the core stabilize. There is a misconception that the reverse crunches work for the lower rectus abdominis only. On the contrary, the exercise works for the full muscle.

The reverse crunches can reach the smaller and hard to reach deep ab muscles.

Prevent Kyphosis

Kyphosis is a condition in which you get an abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column. This state is also known as humpback or hunchback.In some instances, many people acquire this condition from trained activities.

During training or exercising, some of the exercises and moves are beneficial but silently harmful. Some scientists believe that posture is a partial determinant of the condition.

The abdominal muscles that stabilize the spine and holds it into position are flexed far way than they should. Continued flexing of these muscles in exercises leads to a deformity in your spine and back.

Some of such exercises are sit-ups. While performing sit-ups, you get a depression in your ribcage. Naturally, doing more of them leaves your rib cage and the abdominal muscles prone to depressions. These prolonged depressions tend to turn into a health condition.

The advantage of the reverse crunches is that you will experience no depressions of your rib cage and unnecessary flexing of your abdominal muscles. This prevents rounding of the upper back.

Improved Posture

Perfecting the act of doing the reverse crunches is the only way to enjoy its many benefits. Reverse crunches can be useful in helping you to adjust and improve your posture. However, the reverse crunches can add an irritation to already existing lower back issues.

To avoid such irritations, ensure before you contract your abdominals, the small region of your back is pushed into the floor.

Having the right posture reduces adverse health risks. For example, you can prevent spine problems that could, later on, turn into massive health conditions. It is advisable to consult with your trainer on the right way to do the reverse crunches.

An improved posture has many unseen benefits. Performing your routine duties is eased and no more back pains from a flexed spine.

Less Back And Neck Discomfort


Exercising should not be the time of panicking. Doing your daily exercises should be enjoyable and productive rather than terrorizing. Some of the exercises have many side effects to various body types.

Experiencing pain during your training can be a huge drawback. This will not only ruin your training but will go far in negatively affecting your body.

The reverse crunches have many benefits to your overall body. Many people prefer the reverse crunches, as they are less strenuous on both the back and the neck. Hence, no pain and discomfort during your training and exercising.

The reverse crunch is an exercise whose benefits cannot be outrun. However, this beneficial exercise can turn into mayhem if wrongly executed. It is advisable to master the technique of performing them. Always consult with an expert to avoid any unwanted danger.

With the reverse crunches, you need no gym. You just require a space in your room or the garden and a mat, and you can start enjoying the benefits of reverse crunches.

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