The 5 Best CrossFit Gloves – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Anyone who has tried CrossFit agrees it is a workout regimen that focuses on the body's key points as a whole and serves as a program that allows gym enthusiasts to compete in different sports. However, as much as it is enjoyable, there are problems that may arise if the body does strenuous exercises in long periods of time.

Having the proper tools, such as CrossFit gloves, not only add to the quality of your performance but protect your body against tears, blisters, calluses, and bacteria. Choosing the best CrossFit gloves require a bit of information, so our article is here to help you with that.


Product Summary


If you're one to do rough workouts combined with serious weightlifting routines, these gloves could be a good choice in withstanding great amounts of pressure.

Made of an integrated fabric design, it provides protection to key points of the hand such as the knuckle, side, and palm. 3D molding creates a snug fit.

Padding is added to cushion the center of the palm and fingers. It has a complete wrist wrap which provides wrist support, while anti-slip gel printing improves grip safety. Ventilation eyelets reduce sweating to avoid injuries and maximize comfort.


  • Ultra Protective Palm with High Density Foam
  • Knuckle protection
  • Full Wrist Wrap featuring New Generation Industrial Strength Velcro
  • Gel grip print and cushioned contact areas to enhance grip and prevent slippage
  • Double stitching
  • Snug & comfortable 3 Dimentional Unisex Fit System


Crown Gear's Fusion gloves are designed to be easy to slip on and off, yet provide a snug, secure fit. This is made possible by its carefully molded shape and adjustable Velcro wrist closure.

If you tend to do barehanded lifts or workouts then wear gloves for another set, these gloves can be useful in a way that makes it easy to put on and remove.


  • Ergonomic Palm Protection System
  • Comfort & Control – ergonomically designed to provide snug and 3
  • Dimensional fit
  • Adjustable Wrist Closure featuring New Generation Industrial Strength Velcro
  • "Pull-Off/Pull-On" Tab System for easy removal and adjustment


The gloves specialize in giving high-end palm protection and integrated wrist support.

It also adds to grip performance when lifting because of its right amount of padding.


  • Carefully crafted Premium Quality Leather and Reinforced Stitching
  • Strategically Padded Palms for extra comfort and grip
  • Dye inside does not bleed
  • Available in different sizes
  • Padding prevents skin from accumulating blisters and calluses


If you're looking for high-quality gloves that fit snugly between each finger but flexible enough to do various hand movements, RDX Weightlifting & CrossFit Gloves might be a good choice for you.

It has Shell-Shock technology padding with finger molds which align to the shape of the hand, allowing a comfortable fit while shielding it from shock damage.

Amara Synthetic Leather gives it a durable material which can withstand high amounts of pressure for longer periods of time.


  • Amara Construction provide soft & supple material
  • Gel-lined Padding as shock absorbent
  • 50cm Wrist Velcro Strap to keep gloves in place
  • Integrated Air Flow System through Breathable Flex Panels


The Skott EVO 2 Weightlifting Gloves are specially designed to provide maximum durability and comfortable appendages at the same time. Its High-Density Foam serves as extra protection against calluses, blisters, and tears.

The anti-slip material of the gloves reduce the risks of injuries and allows the trainer to use various equipment with proper control.


  • Gel-lined printing prevents slippage
  • Double Wrist Wrap for Integrated Wrist Support and Control
  • Upper-Finger Rubber Knuckles for extra protection
  • "Pull-Off/Pull-On" Tab System for easy removal and adjustment
  • Removable Plastic Hook for convenience

Reviews of The Best CrossFit Gloves

1. Crown Gear Soldier Weightlifting Gloves

Crown Gear Soldier Weightlifting Gloves


These gloves are made of premium four-way-stretch-fabrics that make it durable and allow a wide range of movement. A full wrist-wrap with gel prints add protection to the hand's key points while supporting the wrists in lifting weights.

We like how the packaging of the gloves appears to be a rugged military style design; this is what makes it standout. It is made of soft, durable material, which allows it to withstand great amounts of pressure for longer periods.

Unlike many other gloves, it has double stitching and next generation Velcro to add an extra layer of protection against wears and tears.Its sleek, innovative design provides an added boost to your performance. Gel-grip print reduces slippage and increases your grip power all throughout your workout.

This product has gel prints and cushion, which not only support the palms in lifting heavy objects but also relax the tense muscles of the hands and remove strain. The glove's palms are also made with high-density foam, something that will help you prevent damage and pain due to heavy weightlifting.

We think that these gloves are a good choice, especially in weight training since it fits snugly in your hands and has the ability to help you use heavy equipment.

Things we like:

  • Military design
  • Durable material with Double Stitching
  • Lightweight
  • Double Wrist Wrap
  • Snug Fit

Things we don’t like:

  • Inconsistent production of good material from the company

2. Crown Gear Fusion Weightlifting Gloves

Crown Gear Fusion Weightlifting Gloves


Something that you will like about Crown Gear Fusion gloves is that they are specially made for weightlifting, so you won't need to worry about wearing it for an entire workout. It will be able to withstand sheer amounts of pressure and sustain its condition since it is made of high-quality material.

If you're one to focus on developing grip strength but don't want all of the attention to go towards your appendages, this might be a good choice. How does it exactly improve your grasps and grip strength?

The standout feature of Crown Gear Fusion gloves is that an Ergonomic Palm Protect System has been applied to the gloves, allowing it to protect the palms and fingers from tenseness, strains, and possible injuries. Since you won't have to worry about injuring your hand, you'll be able to focus on larger muscles in your arms and legs.

The palms of are also padded in order to act as cushion and protection against calluses, blisters, and tears.Its non-slip padding prevents sweat from reaching the lift surface, which reduces the risks of twists and slips. Crown Gear Fusion gloves are designed to naturally fit the shape of the hand, thus, allowing a secure and snug fit.

Some noticeable features of these gloves include molded finger shapes, an adjustable Velcro wrist closure, and a Pull-On/Pull-Off Tab System. You'll be able to easily put on and remove the gloves because of these features.

Things we like:

  • Stylish design
  • Improve grip ability
  • Comfortable
  • Remains cool during summer workouts
  • Grasps weights easily

Things we don’t like:

  • Somewhat strong odor
  • Thin material

3. Nordic Weightlifting Gloves

Nordic Weightlifting Gloves


Nordic Weightlifting Gloves are made of premium quality leather reinforced with double stitching. The stitching creates a snug fit around the hand while holding tightly in place.

What makes it stand out from other gloves is that Nordic Weightlifting Gloves contain high-quality wrist straps that wrap the wrist very well; it is perfect for movement training while supporting the hand in lifting weight and grasping bars.

We appreciate the flexible support it gives, allowing us to do various exercises without having to worry about movement restrictions. It's perfect for a wide range of use which includes Powerlifting, Gym workouts, and Powerlifting.

The dye inside the glove doesn't bleed as well. For a price range of $15-$25, it is a worthy grab.Another thing worth noticing is that when we bought the gloves, the company, Nordic customer support, made sure to send multiple emails to check on the service delivery. They also asked for feedback when the product arrived; this is a good sign that the company cares for the customer's concerns and isn't afraid to make product adjustments.

Aside from this, the gloves are lightweight and don't feel bulky at all.One thing worth noticing though is that the wrist wraps take a bit too long to take off. However, this is a very minimal setback compared to the quality it provides.

Things we like:

  • Comfort and a snug fit
  • Does not impede hand movements
  • Dye doesn't bleed
  • Good Customer Support

Things we don’t like:

  • Hard to remove

4. RDX Weightlifting & CrossFit Gloves

RDX Weightlifting & CrossFit Gloves


RDX Weightlifting & CrossFit Gloves are made of synthetic Amara leather, giving it a soft but durable outer shell. It has a thicker covering compared to our other suggestions, giving it ample support for dealing with gym or sports equipment.

After using it for months, we noticed that there has been little to no signs of loose threads or tears.

A unique trait of these gloves is that Shell-Shock Technology Padding is used to make pre-curved finger molds, allowing the fingers to fit right into the gloves perfectly while shielding it against shock damage. This might be a good choice for people who are often injured and are looking for extra safety.Integrated Velcro straps also keep the palms and wrists securely in place.

And because it contains little gel padding, we are able to grasp bars and lift weights more firmly with less wasted energy. It contains just the right amount of cushion for this.It's also nice that it is lightweight without restricting movement or exercises.

What we also like about these gloves is that the breathable flex panels it has improved air flow and air circulation. This could be a good pick when exercising in hot or humid weather.

Things we like:

  • Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible

Things we don’t like:

  • Minimal Design flaws
  • Not for serious weightlifting

5. Skott EVO 2 Weightlifting Gloves

Skott EVO 2 Weightlifting Gloves


The Skott EVO 2 Weightlifting Gloves are made of a synthetic leather material, giving it long-lasting durability and extra protection against loose threads, damages, and tears.It's also made with a 3-Dimensional Unisex Fit System which allows both men and women's hands to fit snugly into place. The palm is backed with high-density foam giving the hand extra support and cushion to prevent injuries, slips, and twists.

The gel printing on the gloves prevents slippage, thus, improving grip strength and allowing the trainer to grasp weights or lifts easily. We appreciate that these gloves double our safety and lessen the risks of getting hurt while in the process of training.

A noticeable feature is that there is a removable plastic hook attached to it for easy storage. This could be a good advantage for people who want their training tools decluttered.It also includes a Pull-On/Pull-Off Tab System, which allows you to put on and remove the gloves quickly.

A nice thing to note about this product is that the wrist wrap has pretty good length and size. The integrated new-generation Velcro secures this wrap well.

This is important for people who want no restrictions on their movements but don't want anything bulky at the same time.

Aside from all of this, we loved how blisters and calluses are practically non-existent when wearing these gloves.

Things we like:

  • Quality Material
  • Stitching
  • Padding
  • Durable and long-lasting

Things we don’t like:

  • Too cushioned


What Is The Importance Of Wearing The Proper CrossFit Gloves In Training?

  • It acts as a stabilizer in supporting the hands and wrists.
  • Prevents slippage and lessens the risks of injuries.
  • Provides as an extra layer of covering against diseases, blisters, and calluses.
  • Improves grip strength to execute each exercise properly.

What Are The Advantages/benefits Of Using The Best CrossFit Gloves?

Benefits Of Using CrossFit Gloves

The popular alternative to using gloves in training is using chalk instead. However, this is not a good pick since it dries the skin and may increase the continuous damage caused to the hands. With using the proper tools, like the proper CrossFit gloves, a gym enthusiast or CrossFitter will experience:

  • No hand fatigue
  • Better grip
  • Blister/Callus/Disease protection
  • Pressure relief
  • Wrist support
  • Increased lift and quality added to performance
  • A better bar connection and elimination of bar disconnects

Attributes That Differentiate CrossFit Gloves From One Another

Material – can compromise grip strength, enhance natural grip, and durability.

Size – finding the correct size is crucial to ensure stability in movement.

Padding – the quality and amount of padding will affect the slippage percentile and decrease the risks of injuries.

Add-Ons – some gloves contain extra enhancements like silicone, gel, breathable panels, washable material, etc. These will add quality to the gloves being used and ultimately improve performance.

How To Choose A Good Quality CrossFit Glove?

Some factors to consider are:


It depends on your preference if you want either bulky or lightweight gloves. Lightweight gloves are good for those who want to feel bare-handed in doing exercise routines. Bulky gloves provide little flexibility but in return, add extra protection when dealing with heavy objects and equipment.


Choosing a good glove will help you improve your grip strength.


The right amount and right kind will protect you from injuries and slips.

Breath Ability

check if the gloves have breathable panels to allow air circulation in case of humid weather.


A proper glove will fit snugly on your wrists and feel comfortable at the same time. This will help stabilize grip strength and reduce strains due to pull on the forearms and hands.


The basis for this is the material used for the gloves. Check if the material used is high-quality and read the reviews as well to see if it provides long-lasting protection.

Addressing Some Controversies In Wearing The Proper CrossFit Gloves

It is well-known in CrossFit training that some trainers prefer to be bare-handed and not wear gloves in doing exercise routines. The myth of not using gloves to exercise as a way to toughen up is false as calluses don't guarantee a better performance and can actually damage skin even more by pulling healthy skin away.

Wearing the proper CrossFit gloves protect your hands from injuries. If you look at it in a bigger picture, damaged hands can lower the level of intensity you work with. It can also affect your professionalism at work by appearing as someone who doesn't manage their work ethics.

CrossFit Gloves

It also provides you an extra layer of protection against infections and bacteria. Bodily fluids are all over gym equipment and tools so the risk of acquiring a disease is quite high.

Some say that CrossFit gloves are uncomfortable and may spoil grip. This is not true as there are many different kinds of gloves with different features that may provide comfort and/or strengthen grip strength.


Wearing The Prope CrossFit Gloves

After analyzing and comparing our recommendations for the best CrossFit gloves, our favorite would have to be Nordic Weightlifting Gloves. These are ultimately well-rounded gloves that are durable, lightweight, develop grip, protection against diseases, support for the hands/wrists, and flexible to use.

Going back to the features which make a good quality CrossFit glove, Nordic Weightlifting Gloves provide all of these and added some extra enhancements as well. We love that the dye inside the glove doesn't bleed compared with the other gloves on the list. They don't feel bulky at all and provide maximum comfort.

We have also seen how it lasts for a long time with little to no tears. The only setback, which is minor, is that the wrist wrap is a bit hard to remove. Other than that, Nordic provides excellent customer service which really makes us feel that our opinion and feedback matters.

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