5 Best Elbow Sleeves For Powerlifting – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

In powerlifting, accessories you wear may either make or break your performance. Wearing the best elbow sleeves for powerlifting might help improve your bench press or deadlift routine.

As there are lots of these on the market, we present you with our review of the five top-rated brands to help you out:


Mava Sports Elbow Sleeve Recovery Compression is made of bamboo charcoal fiber! It is lightweight and comfortable to use.

It provides the right pressure for a pain and strain-less work-out and helps hasten recovery elbow injury.

Elbow Compression Sleeves by Nordic Lifting offers comfort while providing precise elbow support.

It is versatile as it can be used by both females and males, weightlifting, cross-training or tennis athletes.

Rehband 7720 Rx Elbow Support has 3D advanced support!

It helps in proprioception and easing pain.

Elbow Compression Sleeve Support and Brace by Ultra Flex Athletics has anti-itch 3D knitting and anti-odor features.

It’s perfect for all sports involving elbow movements and for those recovering from injuries.

Compression Elbow Sleeve By Rip Toned has a snug-fit feature which offers comfort, compression, and protection.

This is endorsed by Kevin Weiss, 2014’s World Champion Powerlifter, as the best elbow sleeve.

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Review Of The Best Sleeves For Weightlifting

By providing the right compression, support and warmth, this sleeve helps speed up elbow injury recovery while easing pain.

This sleeve is comfortable to use as it is lightweight, compact, and breathable. You can wear it under your shirt all day.

It is also made of bamboo charcoal fiber that prolonged use will less likely promote body odor.

Other benefits of this sleeve are as follows:

  • Alleviates stress and pain caused by repetitive motions and overuse conditions.
  • Decreases stress and pressure on tendons to alleviate pain and stiffness.
  • Improves control and grip over arm muscles.
  • Boosts performance and endurance.

Many people who have tried this product felt relief from pain caused by tendinitis, bursitis, and arthritis.

They were also satisfied with its good fit and zero smell after use. One user mentioned that his elbow sleeve still looked new even after many washes.

Others are happy about how effective its support is as they haven’t experienced any elbow pain after use.

A few users reportedly received mis-sized items. Each Mava Sports elbow sleeve item comes with a size chart for your reference.

Each pack of Mava Sports Elbow Sleeve Recovery Compression is available in 1 pair of either black or grey colored sleeves and has a 30-money back guarantee!


  • Expedites recovery
  • Relieves pain
  • Supports from injury
  • Comfortable
  • 30- day money back guarantee
  • With charcoal fiber


  • Only comes in 2 colors

With its premium quality nylon yarn and ergonomic sleeve design, this offers great comfort and fit.

This is for unisex and athletes engaged in activities involving the use of elbows.

Because of its elbow support, compression and warming effects, this offers the following benefits:

  • Injury prevention
  • Faster muscle recovery and rehabilitation
  • Reduced muscle and joint stiffness

Each package comes with 1 large pair of sleeves in gray color and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A lot of users are happy about this product’s comfort. They also mentioned how this product has worked well for their tendinitis and how it has lessened their elbow pain.

Fitting is a major concern among unsatisfied customers as they reportedly received either a size smaller or bigger than their actual size. To avoid this, refer to Nordic Lifting’s size chart.

They also advise their buyers to order at least 1 size smaller.


  • Prevents injury
  • Expedites muscle recovery and rehabilitation
  • Reduces muscle and joint stiffness


  • Only comes in 1 color and size
  • Fitting

With its advanced 3-D contoured support, this elbow support provides the elbow joint compression.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Provides warmth and support
  • Relieves pressure and enhances coordination

Good news for weight and powerlifters as this is considered legal for use by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) in raw and open competitions.

Directions for use:

  • To have the correct size, flex and joint at 30 degrees and measure around your elbow.
  • Purchase 1 size smaller than the recommended size chart if tight competition fit is anticipated.


  • This is not flameproof. Do NOT use it in places with temperature of 120 degrees Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you have a heat allergy, this product might not be good for you since it has neoprene content.
  • As this product may contain latex or rubber, consult a prescriber prior to usage.

Most of those who’ve tried this mentioned notable relief from elbow tendinitis and pain after use. They are also happy with the comfort, support and warmth it offers.

A few users were quite unhappy as their items shrink after use. For this concern, the manufacturers recommend handwashing it.

This product is sold as a single sleeve and comes in 6 sizes, from XS to XXL.


  • Elbow joint compression 
  • Supports and warms
  • IPF and IWF legal
  • Relievers pressure


  • Only comes in 1 piece- sleeve
  • Shrinks
  • Not flameproof

Using the latest 3D technology and high-quality materials, this sleeve is perfect for use by all especially those who have tennis or golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and post-elbow or arm surgery patients.

This fashionable and stylish sleeve support lessens swelling, stiffness, provides warmth for muscle recovery, and offers protection against possible joint injuries.

With its anti-itch 3D knitting and anti-odor features, this product offers stable compression and comfort during physical activities like yoga, fitness or even household activities.

Since it is lightweight, it adds greater comfort.Many users with conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, chronic medial epicondylitis, lower forearm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome praise this sleeve’s effectivity in relieving pain and speeding up joint injury recovery.

They are also happy about its fit, warmth, and support.

A few users were not quite contented as this only comes in black color. One user wished for a nude color while another complained of itchiness after 20 to 30 minutes of use. Others were not happy with their mis-sized items.


  • Anti- #D knitting
  • Anti- odor
  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • Good support
  • Aids recovery


  • Only comes in 1 color
  • Sizing

This 5mm neoprene sleeve for men, women, and youth is endorsed by Kevin Weiss, a Pro Bodybuilder and Powerlifter.

It has a snug feature which offers comfort, compression and protection as you do your physical activity.

Since it warms the elbow joint, it greatly helps in the healing process of people with elbow injuries.

This compression elbow sleeve helps maintain and support muscle movement and lessens impact forces. It works well for weight and powerlifters, triathletes, football, volleyball, and baseball athletes.

Compression Elbow Sleeve By Rip Toned is durable, odor resistant and machine washable. It comes in a black and red stripes color, reusable zipper pouch, and a ‘Lifetime Replacement Guarantee’.

Most of the people who have tried using this product appreciated how this sleeve helps in relieving their elbow pain. They also praised this product’s sturdiness and good customer service.

Although some users complained of receiving mis-sized items, they were happy with the fast response and replacement they got from Rip Toned’s customer service.


  • Snug feature
  • Durability
  • Warmth and support
  • Compression
  • Good customer service
  • Lifetime Replacement guarantee


  • Sizing

Why Use An Elbow Sleeve

As you may have been doing great in powerlifting without elbow sleeves on, you may be hesitant to spend your money on a pair.

But, did you know that poor flexibility and repetitive hand movements can cause injuries like elbow tendonitis or tennis elbow causing pain and swelling of the arm?

As elbow sleeves provide compression and support, using these while you do your powerlifting sessions will protect you from elbow injuries.

More so, since these sleeves provide warmth and improve blood circulation, wearing them help hasten recovery from elbow injuries.

How To Choose An Elbow Sleeve

  • Determine your size. Each brand comes with their own size charts.
  • Read product details. Some brands only offer one piece of sleeve per order. Be sure to read product details prior to placing your order.
  • Check the material of the product. For those with heat allergy, brands with neoprene might be dangerous for you. Some has latex or rubber contents, too. Also, go for products with odor-resistant feature.
  • Check for product warranty. Products with warranty offer replacement should you encounter problems such as unmatched sleeve’s size.


In our review, our top choice is Mava Sports Elbow Sleeve Recovery Compression as it does what an elbow sleeve is supposed to do.It provides warmth, support, and compression. Plus, it is odor-resistant with its bamboo charcoal fiber feature!

With a good customer feedback and a rating of 4.7% on Amazon, this is the best elbow sleeves for powerlifting.

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