5 Best Exogenous Ketones – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Before we begin looking for the best exogenous ketones in the market. Let us all first have a glance what ketones are, and why these things exist. This is particularly helpful for the first-timer buyers or users of exogenous ketones, which are considered to be a relatively new kind of health regimen or body supplement.

Basically, ketones are naturally occurring nutrients in the body, which are considered to be an alternative source of fuel for the brain and the body whenever the supply of glucose or sugar that would be used for bodily processes are not enough. Now, best exogenous ketones, which we will be reviewing today, are the same thing as the naturally produced ketones in the body; however, this time, these nutrients are synthetic or man-made ketones, which are ingested through different ways and forms.


Brief Overview of the Five Best Exogenous Ketones Today

In our best exogenous ketones post for this week, we will be reviewing the five of the best exogenous ketones products that we have ever tried. These products traditionally come in powdered form, and some of the time in liquid form.

These products include the Keto Sports Keto Force Dietary Supplement, Bulk Supplements Pure Raspberry Ketones Powder, Kegenix PRIME - Patented Keto Drink, KETO DRIVE BHB Salts - Exogenous Ketone Performance Complex, and Giant Sports Giant Keto Exogenous Ketone Supplement. Most of these products are water soluble, meaning it can be mixed with water and be an alternative drink.

These five best exogenous ketones provide similar results but with different after-effects or results for various customers who use them. Moreover, some people experience varying side effects that are either tolerable or intolerable.

In addition, price points are relatively far from each other, especially those instances when one ketone supplement is far cheaper or more expensive than one product due to its ingredient or brand.

Lastly, if you are too concerned with the taste or after effects, you better take note of the following brief product reviews. More often, people comment on how bad or how good a ketone supplement tastes. Or, oftentimes, how insoluble some of the powder form ketone supplements were.

Reviews Of The Best Exogenous Ketones

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


One of the best exogenous ketones that can be bought online is the Keto Sports Keto Force Dietary Supplement, and this is because it is in liquid form of ketones, which can be easily ingested. It comes in a 16-ounce bottle with generic looking packaging.

Similar with other exogenous ketone products, Keto Sports Keto Force Dietary Supplement has beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is in sodium and potassium salt form. Accordingly, after being ingested by the user, blood ketones levels are expected to increase in about two to three hours.

This product has been noted by many to cause oxygen that is being spent be lesser, when taken 60 minutes before any exercise. This can also be used before having a high impact aerobic exercise in order to enable those consumers, who are on a low carbohydrate, less glucose diet, to perform better.

It has been noted that many people experience a little acidity, whenever this product is ingested, and this is despite the declared level of acidity, which is within the alkaline pH level of 10-11. Furthermore, users are encouraged to mix the product with acidic beverages, such as lemonades, apple juice, and other citrus or acidic juices before ingestion.

We can safely say that this product, which measures about 480 milliliters or as much as 16 servings, is safe and healthy. The product has no gluten, has no artificial colorings and flavors, has no artificial preservatives, and has no animal content.

Things we like:

  • Easily dissolve due to its liquid state
  • Fast with recognizable results
  • Relatively cheaper than other exogenous ketones

Things we don’t like:

  • Highly acidic
  • It does not taste good
  • Relatively less servings


Our second product is produced by Bulk Supplements, which is a known raspberry ketone supplement provider. Bulk Supplements Pure Raspberry Ketones Powder is relatively cheaper per gram as compared to other ketone food supplements.

In contrast, raspberry ketone is different in its ingredient. Moreover, this is far different from the ketone that is produced by the human body.

Raspberry ketone powder is a white crystalline powder that contains chemicals from raspberries with red color. On a side note, aside from raspberries, ketone powder is also sourced from other fruits, such as grapes, kiwi, apples, peaches, and other kinds of berries; and, vegetables, which include yew’s bark, rhubarb, pine, or maple trees.

Bulk Supplements Pure Raspberry Ketones Powder is generally used by people who are on a weight loss program. The product does not contain any additives or fillers to create the flavor.

On a negative side note, some testers found the product too difficult to mix with water, and sometimes, uneasy feeling on the roof of the mouth and throat were reported. Lastly, some people experience heartburn after ingesting the product.

Things we like:

  • Tastes good
  • Easy to prepare and ingest
  • Relatively cheaper

Things we don’t like:

  • Does not dissolve well
  • Uneasy feeling with mouth and throat
  • Some testers get heartburn


Out of all the best exogenous ketones being listed in our top five list, Kegenix Prime seems to be the most expensive ketone supplement in the market, but this product had been tested by consumers to have given them faster results and faster ketosis.

Kegenix Prime boasts its unique and government approved ketone ingredients. The company had also patented the ingredients to ensure that Kegenix Prime is the only kind of ketones supplement product in the market.

Kegenix Prime promises results, such as weight loss and continued energy output with lesser oxygen use. Kegenix allegedly promotes increased levels of brain function and better sleep, without the nasty after-effects or side effects, which are evident on other ketone supplements.

Things we like:

  • Approved and patented ketone supplement ingredients
  • Fast results, faster ketosis
  • Easy to prepare

Things we don’t like:

  • A lot more expensive
  • Tastes and smells bad for some
  • Comes only in lemon flavor


Keto Drive also has beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB), which were tailored for numerous yet specific needs of a low carbohydrate, less sugar kind of lifestyle. This product, similarly with other types of ketone supplement products, may help a consumer to achieve the peak process of ketosis and provide the user peak and increased performance.

Similar with other products in our best exogenous ketones list, Keto Drive is created and formulated to provide bodily support from an increased blood ketone levels, sporty stamina, intellectual rigor, sustained energy, to up until burning fat. One thing that is different from other products in the list, Keto Drive has patented its own, unique BHB, which is known to many as the Pruvit Keto.

Things we like:

  • Has Pruvit Keto, which is a modified form of BHB
  • Has fast effecting results
  • Faster ketosis

Things we don’t like:

  • Its taste is not that good
  • Some people experience side effects like light headedness and headaches
  • Somehow more expensive than other Ketones


A uniqe ketone product in our best exogenous ketones list. Giant Sports boasts its product’s open-label, which typically indicates the products exact measurement of ingredients.

We can safely say that this product, which has 5,000 international unit of vitamin D on every serving, is safe and healthy. The product has no gluten, has no artificial colorings and flavors, has no artificial preservatives, has no sugar, and has no dairy products.

Aside from the ketones, Giant Sports has also put L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and L-Aspartic acid in the product that are expected to help lessen the chances of having any harmful effects or fatigue, which an increased plasma ammonia could do. Lastly, the product possesses complete electrolytes, which includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Things we like:

  • It contains complete electrolytes
  • Easy to serve and prepare
  • Its open-label that provides full ingredient disclosure

Things we don’t like:

  • Its taste is not that good
  • Its packaging can be mistaken for another brand
  • Too bulky

Benefits And Advantages Of The Best Exogenous Ketones

  • First of all, you may want to ask yourself first why you would purchase an exogenous ketone supplement. In general, people are using ketones to imitate or accelerate the process of ketosis in the body.
  • Now, if you have decided on what is your long- or short-term purpose on buying any of the listed best exogenous ketones, the next step to take is to know how your body react if you would take any of those listed exogenous ketones.
  • Nonetheless, you may now already have either an idea on what brand or what kind of exogenous ketones you would be purchasing in the near future. Other factors to consider in buying any of those products listed in our best exogenous ketones list, are the price point, ingredients, or even the flavor.
  • More or less, the most important aspect to factor in when choosing the right product in the best exogenous ketones list, is the ingredient part. Furthermore, it may be important to note how much of ketone you can take or ingest in a particular time frame, whether you are on a low carbohydrate diet or trying to lose weight.

Conclusion Of Our Best Exogenous Ketones List

Out of all of the top five best exogenous ketones listed, we generally like the ketone supplement made by Keto Sports – the Keto Sports Keto Force Dietary Supplement. We think that the results shown by the Keto Sports Keto Force liquid supplement is more than enough.

Aside from what we think about Keto Sports Keto Force Dietary Supplement that it can be enough, its price, ingredients, and flavor, can make this supplement surpass other ketone supplement providers. Furthermore, we have already taken into consideration our purpose with buying one.

Lastly, Keto Sports Keto Force Dietary Supplement, being our best exogenous ketones product, we can safely say that if we want to have a fast, effective, and safe result, we can try this product and see its results without any worries.

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