The 5 Best Gym Chalks – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Gym chalk is an indispensable component of a gymnast’s kit. Athletes and bodybuilders use the gym chalk, which is made of magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), to improve the strength of their grip when doing lifts and other workouts.

Using the best gym chalk, therefore, ensures a firm grip that allows athletes to focus on the routine and not worry about slipping and accidents.


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The main issue that athletes encounter during gym workouts is the perspiration on the hands. Sweaty hands can reduce the strength of grips in a significant way, and gym exercises can become a painful experience. Accidents may occur.

To prevent sweaty hands, athletes use gym chalk to improve grip strength and allow them to focus on the task at hand. There are, however, various gym chalk brands accessible in the market. We have made choosing easy for you with a top list.

  • Bryo Gym Chalk                                                                                                                      With Bryo gym chalk, you don’t have to worry about messy powders when used. It comes with a reusable and refillable, No-Mess Bag that prevents excess chalk so you get to make the most out of your purchase.                                                                       It’s ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor exercises. Aside from keeping sweaty hands at bay, it protects your hands from blisters by reducing friction during routines.
  • GSC Gym Chalk                                                                                                                              This chalk is a high performing material which keeps your hands dry for better grips and allows you to focus on your routine. This chalk is convenient to carry. It comes in individually wrapped blocks at 2 oz each. With a generous supply of chalk blocks and less wastage, you can enjoy using it longer.
  • Chalk Ness Monster                                                                                                 Considered one of the best in absorbing moisture resulting to no slip and improved grip, this chalk is 100% magnesium carbonate powder. Chalk Ness Monster is perfect for on-the -go athlete as the package includes a slide strap which allows you to refill the chalk balls without being messy.
  • Ader Gym Chalk                                                                                                                           A high-quality gym chalk, which keeps moisture out and ensures a secure and safe grip. It keeps your hands protected from tearing and bleeding calluses. The consistency of this product’s quality performance remains even when stored for long.
  • Master of Muscle                                                                                                                        Best for next level workouts, especially when you are on to the grips. With the Master of Muscle chalk can lift heavier equipment longer, and improves as you go on with your routine. The chalk protects your hands from blisters which often occurs when you do repetitive actions, like the deadlift and kettlebell swings.

Reviews Of Gym Chalk Top Picks

Where gym chalk products proliferate the market and choosing the best product becomes overwhelming, going over what customers say about products bought and used is a big help.


If sweaty hands worry you during gym workouts, then the Bryo gym chalk is your solution. Bryo gym chalk is 100% magnesium carbonate that makes the product an alternative cure for sweaty hands.

The product comes in a chalk ball which reduces excess chalk to its minimum, thereby allowing you longer lasting use of the chalk. It is convenient to use as each purchase comes with a no-mess chalk bag with a drawstring that allows for refills.

The chalk is versatile to use for all types of exercise, whether indoor or outdoor: rock climbing, power lifting, gymnastics, tennis, yoga, golf, baseball, and crossfit.

The elimination of sweat from hands gives stronger and firm grips; makes you feel safe from blisters and bleeding calluses with the no-slip feature of the Bryo gym chalk.

Things we like:

  • The inclusion of a no-mess bag and a chalk ball bag with drawstring that reduces chalk spills to a minimum
  • The cure to sweaty hands that improves grip performance and assures no-slip safety
  • Its versatility and functionality for all types of sports

Things we don’t like:

  • Dust spills in handling chalk, but the chalk ball bag this mess reduces the mess
  • Limited refills for each buy


One pack of this gym chalk gives you a generous supply at a reasonable price. The amount spent for the purchase of GSC gym chalk is worth it considering the quality you get and the length of time you get to enjoy its use.

The regular use of the product during routines improves the strength of your grip over time. This improvement is due to the prevention of sweat in your hands which could hamper your performance; eliminating sweat allow for firm grips.

As you go along using the product, you gain confidence in your grips resulting to better routine performance. You cannot undermine the confidence you gain from the product’s use as this will enable you to focus on the task and succeed in your endeavor.

Things we like:

  • Keeps hands consistently dry during routines
  • Its quality performance allows you a concentrated mind and muscle connection
  • Generous supply which lasts longer than expected and obtained at a competitive price

Things we don’t like:

  • Could be a bit bulky to carry as the product comes in blocks, but not heavy
  • Developing stronger grips can lead to over-reliance on chalk.


You can view this product as the best in gym workouts. It is a finely ground 100% magnesium carbonate powder in chalk balls. It’s easy to refill the chalk holder.

An attractive feature of this product is its absorption of moisture which prevents slipping and accidents. The absence of moisture improves and strengthens your grip as you do your workout.

The no-slip feature of this product is ideal for athletes out for competitions. The assurance of no slip during grips allows you to focus on preparing for the contest and on the goal of winning.

The chalk comes in a block or powder form. You, therefore, have a choice that will suit your preference. If you choose the powder form that comes with a bag, you get a chalk holder with a slide strap which makes it easy for chalk refills.

Things we like:

  • Gives superior grip from a reasonably priced product
  • Used by all athletes in any competition: power lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, kettlebell, and other outdoor sports
  • Safe use with its no-slip feature
  • Easily refillable, even when you are on the go

Things we don’t like:

  • The problem with the mess from powder handling, though this is at its minimum due to the chalk holder


Customers consider Ader gym chalk as one of the best in the market. The product has the consistency of performance even when stored for a lengthy period.

If you are looking forward to an easier life in your gym experience, this product is for you. The product is efficient in eliminating sweat from your hands and allow you to have stronger grips.

With strong, firm grips, you feel safe and secure in your daily workouts and concentrate more on the task at hand.

You do not have to worry about running out of the supply of Ader gym chalk through constant use as the chalk comes in eight 2 oz chalk blocks that last for long. You can give a friend a block and still have more than enough for your regular gym schedule.

Things we like:

  • Things we like with Ader gym chalk
  • Makes gym workouts a painless experience
  • A cure for sweaty hands that allows for strong grips
  • Safe to use, ensuring no slips during workouts

Things we don’t like:

  • The powder dust could be messy if you are not careful in handling the chalk


A problem often encountered by athletes is the mess caused by powder spills during workouts. The Master of Muscle resolves this problem by having the product in a compressed ball.

You’ll experience a tremendous impact on grips even with a little amount of chalk applied on the hands. Stronger grips develop as you go along your exercises.

Blisters and tears on the hands are the usual cause of failing during workouts. But, with the Master of Muscle, you can continue longer with your gym workouts without fear of blisters and tears in your hands.

Developing firm and stronger grips prepare you to proceed to the next level of challenge in your routine. After all, continually going to the next higher level is the goal of athletes.

Things we like:

  • Perfect to use during important routines
  • The compressed sphere ball which prevents mess in workout areas
  • Comes with a free ebook that provides tips and techniques to improve lifting performance

Things we don’t like:

  • A little messy, though the ball reduces the amount of mess
  • Limited refill

Why Use Gym Chalks For Grips And Workouts?

Gym chalk is made from magnesium carbonate that comes out as solid white. Magnesium carbonate is a mineral that absorbs sweat and reduces the moisture from the hands; it, therefore, acts as a drying agent during workouts.

The use of gym chalk by athletes is a necessity if you are after performance and safety. Workouts cause stress that leads to sweating of the hands. It follows that a sweaty hand reduces friction you need to take a firm grip on gym equipment.

Athletes would readily tell you that not using gym chalks would put you at a disadvantage, especially if you are eyeing on competitions. Using gym chalks increase your chances of success, whether your goal is personal or professional.

  • Eliminates sweat from hands – The magnesium carbonate, which is the main ingredient of the chalk, absorbs the moisture and reduces the sweating of the hands. The elimination of the sweat gives you stronger grips and avoids slipping that could cause blisters.
  • Increase of strength in grips – The absence of moisture ensures high-quality performance. As you go along with the routine, you develop and build stronger grip and increase your capacity to lift heavier weights or do more challenging routines.
  • Safety in firmer and no slip grips – Thinking of possible slips from sweaty hands reduces your chance of success in your endeavors. By removing this fear through the use of the gym chalk, you can concentrate on the task at hand and improve mind and muscle coordination.

What Are The Different Types Of Gym Chalk?

Various companies now manufacture gym chalk making it accessible in the market. With the different brands proliferating in the market and your goal of high-performance standard, it is best to get a quality product for each buy.

Gym chalks come in different types which you can choose from:

  • Chalk balls – This type of gym chalk is useful for lifting and exercising using weights. It is easy to store the chalk in plastic bags or chalk sac which makes this type common among rock climbers. When using a chalk ball, put your hand inside the bag and gently rub the ball. The chalk will coat and protect your hands.
  • Chalk powder – This product is common among gym enthusiasts. The drawback is that the powder could be messy when handled and the apparatus gets dirty as you do the workouts.
  • Liquid chalk – The liquid chalk comes in the form of lotion or spray. The liquid solidifies when applied to the palm.


From the list of gym chalk in this review, we chose the Bryo Gym Chalk as the best gym chalk you can avail in the market. Convenience is one reason for choosing Bryo as the material used in this chalk allows for just the right amount of chalk to apply.

And, the refillable chalk bag prevents you from worrying about supply and concentrate on the task at hand, which is an issue with other brands.

We picked Bryo Gym Chalk product for its characteristic feature of being an alternative cure for sweaty hands. This feature adds to the sense of safety and security whenever you use this chalk. Feeling safe and secure contribute much to your success in gym workouts.

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