The 7 Best Home Gyms – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

The famous Latin maxim ‘men sana in corpore sano’ tells us that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body. Beyond getting rid of sagging fatty bulges, studies have shown how regular exercise reduces your risk to develop several diseases and improves your overall quality of life.

Although going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer are now quite a commonplace –and also trendy- lifestyle, we have to admit that there are just those days when we would prefer to stay within the comfort of our abode and still keep the momentum of our physical fitness routine.

Home gyms come handy to address this longing, install one and you can maintain your men sana without fighting for turns with the throngs of fitness-buff flocking the gym.


There are definitely so many options for home gyms out there that might be confusing as you decide to get one. We have scoured our resources and concluded our top 7 picks on the best home gym so you could make a smart purchase.

The picks are selected with considerations for convenience, cost-efficiency, resistance levels and customer –manufacturer experience (such as warranty and customer service)

Review Of The Best 7 Home Gyms In The Market

1. Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym

Fitness-buff must know how prevalent Bowflex is in the market and it is quite for a reason. Bowflex PR 1000 offers you the way to strengthen your muscles and also cardio training to your fitness routine through its more than 20 strength exercises and a built-in rowing station.

It is designed to withstand up to 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance, but upgradable to 310/ 410- pound kits.

It is available in the market with prices ranging from USD 400 – 1400.

Things We Liked: 

  • Its packaging is very meticulous, it helps for easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Slim, takes only a small space
  • The numerous exercises offered is motivating
  • The rowing-station rail folds as we finish the exercise
  • The rod is good for about a year

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Despite the advertising, it does poorly for biceps and thigh areas. Got to add those dumbbells
  • The weight limit is low, the upgrade option is at your own risk
  • No lat bars
  • Bench press takes time to jerk up

2. Vigor Fit 3000 XL with Power and Pilates Kit Gym

VigorFit offers 107 Gym Exercises with Lifetime Warranty for its bumper to bumper. The gym comes equipped with free pilates and strength kits. And its sturdy built promises the resistance necessary for a quality exercise.

If you are on a budget and looking for an economic purchase suitable for different needs of the family members, you might want to consider this one.

It is available in the market with prices ranging from USD 470 – 600.

Things We Liked: 

  • Relatively affordable
  • Partially assembled when delivered
  • Comes with various attachments that other brands would require customers to separately purchase
  • The board slide is 2 inches thick
  • 75 levels of resistance
  • Smooth working of rope and pulley system (with no plastics that can peel)
  • Address both upper and lower body workouts efficiently
  • Lifetime warranty plus a Return Policy

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Its manual is printed in small fonts, so it might take time for you to correctly assemble all the parts
  • No ab crunch attachment
  • Reports of unpleasant customer service now and then

3. Total Gym XLS- Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout

When a home gym is actually recommended by Chuck Norris, we have to listen. Total Gym XLS is intended for the usage of the beginners to the advanced ones, it also is great for children to the elderly.

Designed to withstand 400 pounds weight capacity, its frame is provided with a Lifetime Warranty, while the rest of the parts are protected by a warranty good for 6 months.

It is available in the market with prices ranging from USD 650-2000.

Things We Liked: 

  • It needs no assembly, yet have a sturdy built
  • 6 levels of resistance
  • Comes with Wing Attachment, Leg Pull Accessory, Ribbed Squat Stand and Training Deck
  • The glide board is padded
  • It provides over 80 exercise programs
  • It comes with 5 workout DVDs, exercise chart and Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional/Meal Planning Guide
  • Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is pretty heavy so it is not so portable.
  • No press up bars and dip bars; Not efficient for those aiming for toned triceps/biceps
  • Its length when unfolded requires considerable room space
  • Fingers may be at risk when folding the machine

4. Weider Ultimate Body Works

This home gym system offers more than 50 versatile exercises to define upper and lower body parts. Featuring a slide-away technology, The Ultimate Body Works is easy to store and quick to use. Moreover, its cable and pulley system allows for wider exercises to strengthen muscle and increase flexibility.

If you are on a tight budget, just want to maintain your fitness but not aiming for extreme muscle building, you could consider this one.

It is available with prices ranging from USD 130 – 200.

Things We Liked: 

  • Low-priced
  • Portability
  • The metal skeleton and pad are of great quality
  • Offers 50 Exercise options
  • 4X Resistance bands, provide option for additional 50 lbs resistance
  • Good for strength training
  • Worth its price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Users of other brands may find that this gym does not work as smooth as expected.
  • Heavyweight
  • The height adjustment via a side pulley might be hard for some users to operate
  • Not challenging for the advanced users/body builders

5. Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym

Designed for the advanced muscle-building workouts, this Body-Solid device comes 90% assembled and intended to be long-lasting, easy-to-use and space-saving. It utilizes military-grade aircraft cables to ensure durability at minimum maintenance.

The heavyweight gym weighs 300 pounds and comes shipped in 4 boxes. Its frame is given a limited ten-year warranty, while the other parts have a one-year warranty.

It is available with prices ranging from USD 769 – 860.

Things We Liked: 

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Includes 48-inch lat bar, low row bar and ab crunch harness
  • Relatively space-saving for its kind, compact
  • Smooth cable movement
  • Offers 40 different exercises
  • 2200 lb. tension strength, 160 lb. weight stack

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy
  • Not portable
  • If you are taller than 6 feet, you may find it challenging to adjust it for bench press/standing shoulder press
  • There are issues reported with regards to the durability of the cable, after 6 months of use
  • No squat feature

6. Marcy MWM-988

With up to about 200 pounds of resistance, this Marcy gym device provides body workouts. This gym addresses the need for both upper and lower body exercises. It allows independent motion press arm, vertical butterfly and leg developer.

It is available with prices ranging from USD 900-1000.

Things We Liked: 

  • Well-built and sturdy
  • It has a lat station
  • Removable preacher bar curls
  • Protective weight stack covers
  • Allows general body toning for beginners and different family members’ needs.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy
  • Those taller than 5’8” may not experience a full range of motion
  • Not intended for bodybuilders

7. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

This versatile machine allows you to adjust backrest in 7 positions, such as multiple decline/flat/incline/military positions, all in one machine. Though it comes with no weight bar, this item includes key attachments namely, preacher curl pad, arm curl bar and ab crunch with comfortably foamed grip.

It is available in the market with prices ranging from USD 133 to 210.

Things We Liked: 

  • Heavy-duty
  • The weight rack can double duty as bench press and squat rack
  • The racks come with safety hooks
  • Good for core workouts
  • Offer full range of motion for tall people

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No bars included
  • Extra tools will be needed to ensure proper assembly
  • Not as versatile with beginners

Is Home Gym Ideal For You?


The constraint with going to your local gym includes the time spent traveling and even the queue to your preferred bench press, these may contribute to the hesitancy in keeping the routines especially when your work demands considerable time and energy. Home gym devices offer you an ‘all-in-one’ option to support your fitness regimens without leaving your home.

The Goal

Carefully consider your fitness goals. If you aim to build muscles, search for weight-based home gyms (stacks and plates). If you aim for toning or losing those fats, most of the home gyms are actually designed with this in mind but resistance-based home gyms (rods, bands, bodyweight) will better suit you.

Rods and bands of resistance-based usually tear with use, so it needs maintenance while weight-based gyms considerably last longer although you may have to buy weight stacks/plates on your own as your body outgrows the ones it came with. Keep in mind that a simple jump rope is actually recommended for those focusing on cardio exercises.


Your Space

You don’t have to own a mansion to comfortably install a home gym, the keyword here is ventilation. Make sure you install this workout device in spaces preferably well ventilated and well lit. Music, flat TV, and bright wall colors are also said to be effective in keeping you motivated. Additionally, concrete flooring does not go well with home gyms, but you can check out protective rubber flooring that can make any floor ideal and avoid wobbling of the gym machine.

Strong Motivation

Do you perform better on your own or when there is either competition or supervision? Installing a home gym can be considered an investment as their prices are understandably relatively high. Make sure you got the resolve to keep going. As mentioned, music, bright-coloring help you in this. Remember, the benefits of physical fitness routines far outweigh the inconveniences.


best home gym

The best home gym is relative to your respective fitness goals and budget. In terms of portability, we recommend Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym for being lightweight and yet able to perform many exercises.

However, in terms of superb functions, levels of resistance, smoothness, customer service experience, impressive warranty coverage, and ultimate value for money, we have to say Vigor Fit offers the best deal in comparison to other home gym options currently offered in the market.

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