The 5 Best Knee Sleeves For Lifting – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

There comes a time when a person just has that drive to pump some iron. Then again, gaining some muscle doesn’t come without precaution and its technicalities.

For this, we’ll be focusing on looking for the best knee sleeves for lifting; that saving grace when it comes to keeping that required warmth and blood flow in the knees. Knee sleeves can vary to those that focus on simply the warmth, others on just the compression, and sometimes both; it really depends on what the lifter is looking for so it’s important to keep note on these elements so as to know which to purchase.


In this review, you’ll be looking at five different knee sleeves that you may consider from the material to the overall experience when using the said knee sleeves. Material is important because you’d most preferably look for the one that doesn’t cause too much pressure on your knees and the ones that give off just the right amount of heat that will help with the post-workout recovery.

The products highlighted here are all known to help the lifter with regards to the required formation needed when lifting. They are also known for giving the required support and what most reviewers would call “hot knees” when lifting.

One last thing that buyers liked about these products would be the fit. Some of these products fit just right and offer no strain to the lifter, thus resulting in a very easy going workout.

Here’s a brief summary of the products worth considering


Read on for the reviews of the five best knee sleeves for lifting.

Reviews Of The Five Best Knee Sleeves For Lifting

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If you’re a basic lifter who’s looking for a price friendly pair of knee sleeves, Nordic Lifting Sleeves could be the one for you. These pair of knee sleeves are affordable, but despite this you are still getting the desired support and warmth your knees need.

Aesthetics wise the Nordic Lifting Sleeves have just the right amount of thickness so putting it on should come with no trouble. Also, on the manufacturing, it has a different way of stitching the material together which helps with its very stretchy nature. The Nordic Lifting Sleeves are also shaped at a somewhat curved way which is good for support and form.

Unlike other knee sleeves, Nordic Lifting Sleeves come as a pair. The packaging is somewhat of a book type box where the knee sleeves are tucked inside and pulling them out is hassle free.

Most lifters who have used the Nordic Lifting Sleeves comment on how it is a nice product that helps with their warm up lifts. It fv and they feel the need to focus on their knees given the heat and what we can consider as the presence that the Nordic Lifting Sleeves make you feel on your knees. Other comments emphasize how these sleeves are also perfect for when lifters go down into the squatting position.

In summation of the Nordic Knee Sleeves:​

  • Affordable
  • Good source of support
  • Flexible
  • Aesthetics wise, the logo tends to fall off
  • Not approved by the IFP, so this cannot be used in competitions


Rehband Knee Sleeves are most lifters’ go to when it comes to warmth. These knee sleeves are known for providing so much warmth so if you’re a lifter who is prone to feeling some knee pain and stress you may want to check this product out.

These knee sleeves actually are sold as an individual sleeve so you’d have to buy two for the benefit of having something to wear on both knees. When these sleeves are bought, they’re placed in individual bags so all you have to do is simply take them out of the bag.

A quick note upon purchasing these sleeves, it’s recommended by the company itself to get a size smaller than your actual measurement.

Rehband Knee Sleeves are known to provide so much heat and lubrication for your knees. This is perfect in order to prevent stiffness in the knees as well as injuries, which makes it a considerable product for those who have knee problems.

It is known to become somewhat of an investment when it comes to price especially when you have to buy each sleeve separately. However, the experience with it proves that the investment goes to a very beneficial side especially with your joints.

Reviewers have commented on how it is easy to put on and take off. They also stress the fact that these sleeves will definitely make your knees sweat. As for fit, at first it feels a little tight but eventually, upon usage, the sleeves adjust to your knee and from then on lifters felt the desired stretch and support.

Some key points to remember and note on the Rehband Knee Sleeves:

  • Good compression and heat
  • Recommended product for those with knee problems
  • Pricey but worth it
  • May have to wash more often
  • A bit tight but adjustable


Evolutionize 7mm Knee Sleeves are a more heavy duty and supportive type of knee sleeves. Its thickness is what provides the support for heavier lifting.

These sleeves are longer compared to other sleeves but that’s supposedly what adds the additional heat needed for the joints. Given its length and thickness, instructions on putting it on indicate that it has to be folded halfway while sliding them on.

In terms of design, Evolutionze Knee Sleeves have manufactured their sleeves with additional grippers. This helps with preventing it from sliding off when lifting, also with support. The stitching is somewhat different compared to other knee sleeves but this is because the stitching is aimed at the strength aspect of the sleeve.

Evolutionize Knee Sleeves come as a pair and they’re a good, affordable pair of sleeves for heavy lifting. This could be an appropriate alternative if you’re looking for a product that supports your knees while really feeling it work. By feeling it work, you can feel the tightness and heat around it whenever you lift.

People who have used the Evolutionize 7mm Knee Sleeves repetitively note on the thickness of the sleeve. It’s a good thing that it’s this exact thickness that helps with support, however it can sometimes prevent you from being as flexible as you desire.

Here’s a low down on the Evolutionize 7mm Knee Sleeves:

  • Good support
  • Added length, added warmth
  • Thick and durable
  • Somewhat limiting when it comes to movements
  • Not as flexible


Primal Elite Knee Sleeves could be the sleeves you are looking for if you desire a pair of knee sleeves that not only help you when you lift, but also help you with squats as well.

For packaging, these knee sleeves come with a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag is used for storage for the knee sleeves after use. When wearing the knee sleeves, they’re an easy slip on slip off type, not causing too much hassle.

Design wise the Primal Elite Knee Sleeves are designed with a material called Neoprene which is a spot on material for production because it provides not only support but it’s also quite comfortable. Also the material and the knee sleeve in general gives off ample enough of warmth and space, if we may call it, within the knee. It is not too restrictive, it gives you enough room for your knee to do work.

People who have used the Primal Elite Knee Sleeves would note a few things one of it would be the padding. It’s not too thick and not too thin, people see it as just the right amount in order to get that desired bend or curve when it comes to lifting.

Despite it looking like a very easy slip on slip off kind of knee sleeve, people say that it has not slipped off during a workout. It’s a good fit, and it’s not too loose.

Best to look on five points to remember with the Primal Elite Knee Sleeves:

  • Drawstring bag that comes with the knee sleeves
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Some debate on its durability
  • Some manufacturing issues


These knee sleeves have one standout quality and it’s the four seam manufacturing. Along with this four seam manufacturing is the fact that it has a multitude of designs to choose from.

The Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves are manufactured on four seams in comparison to other knee sleeves that go for two. The four seam design makes it have more of a shape and form that it has to follow and for the lifter to follow as well. It’s also not that difficult to put on as well.

This is quite the aesthetically pleasing product for the reason that there are a number of patterns and designs for the lifter to choose from. There’s a variety of colors like black, pink, blue, some with touches of gray and so on. This could be the product for you if you like lifting but you’re looking for some style as well.

These knee sleeves are designed to be really tight and fitting. This adds to the support needed and also to the warmth. Some reviews on the Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves are mixed because there are those who approve of the tight fitting and those who see the tight fit as a hindrance.

The hindrance is in full show when lifters try to stretch it out, but it’s not that flexible of a product. However, it is rather stable.

Some things to remember with regards to the Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves:

  • Number of designs to choose from
  • Four seam manufacturing
  • Tight and fit
  • Good support
  • Not as flexible

Now that we have reviewed five best knee sleeves for lifting, we ought to break it down into the points that you should look out for in totality when it comes to purchasing the right pair of knee sleeves.

How To Purchase The Right Pair Of Knee Sleeves


Is it the right size?

It’s a very important part when it comes to purchasing the best knee sleeves for lifting that you get the right measurements. Most knee sleeves in the market recommend that you buy a size lower because that allows for the fitting that will eventually provide the heat.

Despite the fitting and tightness that most buyers are looking for, it’s also a very vital that you note if it’s not too fitting to the point that there is no space for movement anymore. A good fit is one that makes you feel the compression and heat, a bad fit is when you can barely move anymore.

The balance of warmth and compression

Knee sleeves are manufactured for the purpose of joint protection and to prevent injury. The best knee sleeves supply the right amount of warmth and compression needed in order to provide support while doing heavy lifting.

If joints are too cold when lifting, that literally causes stiffness so a lifter has to look for the best set of knee sleeves that have the right material that provide warmth and the manufacturing that gives off the compression needed.


Most knee sleeves come at a price so people always look for a pair that’s definitely worth their money. It may be pricey, but they ought to be the best knee sleeves for lifting.

It is suggested that despite looking at the technicalities of a pair of knee sleeves that a person also look at the durability as a whole. It may give you the support, heat, and compression, but if tears apart in a few days then it defeats the purpose.


It’s nice that a person finds the best pair of knee sleeves for lifting that do not simply tear apart, or rip at the seams because one simple rip could mean a huge difference in the entire lifting experience.

Knee sleeves are definitely a product that one has to acquire when lifting but one shouldn’t just buy any pair of knee sleeves, it ought to be the best pair. The best pair of knee sleeves for lifting could help you gain muscle and also maintain your joint health.

Some people like to go pump iron in style, like the Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves, some people want to pump iron knowing the technicalities, like the Rehband Knee Sleeves, while some people who are just starting off want that non-restricting nature knee sleeves should have, like the Primal Elite Knee Sleeves.

As far as an opinion can go, the Nordic Knee Sleeves could be your best go to because it offers support, warmth, and compression. Although not approved for competition use, it doesn’t mean it’s not approved for gym use. It can once again be purchased here.

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