4 Best Matcha Green Tea Powders – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Matcha is one of the widely used tea product in the market and it is becoming one of the most popular lifestyle sensation in terms of brew and beverages because of its numerous health benefits. We sorted out the best Matcha green tea powder in the market through comprehensive research and rigorous product assessment to help you find the best Matcha product. Below is our top 4 list of our highly recommended Matcha green tea powder.


Important Factors To Look Out For The Best Matcha

Texture - Since Matcha green tea powder is a product of stone ground green tea leaf, it is important to choose a Matcha brand with the finest powder for efficient dissipation rate.

Color - The natural color of Matcha green tea powder is green but the hue may vary from one brand to another. Since the transformation process doesn’t involve exposure to extreme temperature, its natural green color should be retained.

Certification - Matcha green tea product should underwent and passed the assessment and certification process of USDA ORGANIC, an organization that checks the purity of a product.

Radiation Check from Third Party Laboratory - High quality Matcha green tea powder product should underwent a regular third party soil, water and ingredient assessment to ensure that the product is 100% organic, radiation and contaminants free.

Top 4 Matcha Green Tea Powder

Made up of 100% organic ingredients, Kiss me organic Matcha’s components has been harvested in Japan and the green tea leaves that were used underwent excruciating examination and assessment to ensure the highest quality culinary grade green tea.

It helps boost your overall health and works by slowly releasing its nutrient contents and natural energy from its organic matcha ingredient which revitalizes your energy levels and maintains your focus and concentration. It provides mild and steady energy up to 4-6 hours.

This is also a recommended dietary support for people who wishes to lose weight because it contains calorie burning components that hastens thermogenesis by 30 to 50 percent and enhances metabolism in an all-natural way.

If you love brewed green tea, you’ll surely love Matcha too. Kiss me Organic Matcha works its anti-cancer wonders with its 137x more antioxidants than brewed green tea and unlike the latter, the entire tea leaf is included which radically increases its nutritional content.

Kiss me organic matcha contains L-theanine, a potent amino acid which helps in stress level reduction, mood enhancer, energy booster and improves memory function.

Enjoying a cup of Kiss me organic matcha is a good way to start your day, with its all natural health benefits, you’ll surely overcome the day with less to no stress. It contains caffeine which is mixed with L-theanine to release relaxant and suppressant functions.

Since Kiss Me Organic Matcha is a culinary grade green tea powder, you may use it as an ingredient to your sherbets, pastries, lattes, smoothies and other recipes.

Things we like:

  • L-Theaine content, which reduces stress levels, enhances mood, boosts energy levels and improves memory.
  • 137X more antioxidants since this contains whole tea leaf.
  • Provides mild and steady energy for 4-6 hours.

Things we don’t like:

  • It tastes bitter due to anti-oxidants overload
  • Contains caffeine, which may not be suitable to children, pregnant and lactating women, and people with certain conditions.
  • Though it mixes well with water, there still some settling so it’s better to stir it up before taking the last sip. It’s a small price to pay for its wonderful effects.

Matcha DNA contains one single ingredient, 100 percent, pure, and hand-picked Matcha green tea leaf transformed into powder form with no added artificial ingredients so you’ll get optimum health support without adverse effects.

Matcha DNA contains high levels of naturally sourced anti-oxidants. It surpassed the level of nutritional value and anti-oxidant level of brewed green tea and is 10x more potent. Its not just that, it also has an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC value of 1,300 unit per gram or over 14 times stronger than blueberries and more than 12 times than pomegranates making it the highest valued antioxidant food in the market. Daily consumption of Matcha DNA will not only boost your energy levels but will also keep your immunity at its best.

Matcha DNA also enhances the mental health by relaxing and calming the mind which reduces stress levels and focus more on the things that’s need to be done. Its fibrous nature helps proper digestion and waste elimination while its calorie burning features works wonders in enhancing metabolism speed and suppresses cravings.

It also contains L-theanine that works as mood enhancer, stress reducer and memory developer but it also aids in keeping your energy levels at normal rate by slowly releasing steady energy that your boy could use to cope up with your lifestyle.

Matcha DNA is USDA Organic certified and their green tea leaf ingredients that were extracted from family owned farms in Fujian Mt. underwent thorough assessment to ensure that only the highest quality leaves are used. They are the only matcha tea company that uses certified BPA free packaging system that warrants the product’s optimum freshness.

Matcha DNA went through a series of evaluation from an independent third party laboratory to check for possible lead, heavy metals, contaminants and radiation induced contents. It passed all qualification requirements and had been certified as pure, organic and safe for human consumption.

Things we like:

  • BPA Free packaging system
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Lab Certified for Purity and Safety
  • Finer texture compared to other brands.

Things we don’t like:

  • It taste odd
  • Its visual appearance may look odd
  • It contains caffeine

Organic Japanese Matcha by Jade Leaf Organics is classified as Classic Culinary Grade Matcha so it can be used as an accompanying ingredient for your home-made pastries, smoothies and shakes, and other sumptuous dishes but it works excellently as a standalone tea with its rich calming aroma and organic flavor.

Jade Leaf Organics uses high quality, hand-picked and farm grown tea leaves from the pristine single estate and family owned farm in Uji, Japan. It has been grown organically without the use of fertilizers and chemical containing plant growers so you’re sure that your body is getting adequate nutrients without the harmful adverse effects of modern farming.

This Matcha is meticulously transformed into powder form without adding nor altering its organic and original components so you’ll still get its optimum anti-oxidant property that helps strengthen you immune system and prevents your body from mutating cancer cells.

Matcha is rich in metabolism enhancing nutrients that are perfectly works for people who want to lose weight non-invasively and effortlessly. It is best taken before your day starts because it contains energy boosting components that gradually releases energy up to 6 hours from intake that will help you combat stress and helps you focus on your tasks.

Matcha is a natural suppressant and relaxant. It helps in maintaining a person’s mental health through its mood enhancing and memory boosting properties. Jade Leaf Organics made a proactive effort of ensuring that the tea leaves are free from radiation and other contaminants through regular soil and water assessment as well as rigorous tea leaf examination before transforming it into powder form.

Things we like:

  • It is 100% organic and free from radiation and other contaminants.
  • The green tea leaves used were extracted from a family owned estate in Uji, Japan.
  • Gluten free and vegan friendly; USDA ORGANIC approved

Things we don’t like:

  • It has caffeine content though it’s on a minimal level specifically 34 mg. in every 1 gram serving of Matcha.
  • Taste odd
  • Visually unattractive

One of the highest trending Matcha green tea powder in the market, Kenko Tea Powder is derived from pure and organic green tea leaf that were shade grown in the pristine region of Nishio, Japan where its climate is the best growing condition for green tea plants.

Its green tea leaf ingredient has been manually hand-picked, air dried, ad stone ground without modern technology process that may alter its nutritional components. Kenko manufactured the product without adding preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners, GMO, pesticides, gluten. It is a great addition to your vegan diet with its all natural plant based ingredient.

Kenko Matcha contains 137x green tea Catechins and more potent than green tea pills. This is also a great substitute for your daily coffee because Kenko Matcha contains caffeine at minimal levels that provides gradual energy support without the jitters. Its L-theanine plus caffeine works hand in hand to improve Alpha brain wave activity that helps in mood enhancement, focus development and memory improvement.

It also contains high levels of EGCGs fiber, chlorophyll, amino acids and Vitamin A, K, and E that helps in proper metabolism for weight lose without risking your daily nutritional requirement.

Things we like:

  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Kosher Evaluated and Certified
  • Shade grown, hand-picked, stone ground green tea leaves extracted from Nishio Japan where its climate is highly suitable for the growth high quality green tea plants.

Things we don’t like:

  • Color is not vibrantly green like the other brands
  • Presence of settlers
  • For cooking purposes only

Product’s Value

Antioxidant Property

Matcha is known for its anti-cancer property or high levels of EGCG and the aforementioned brands have excellent and unspoiled levels of antioxidant which eliminates free radicals that emits harmful toxins and triggers cancer cell mutation.

Weight Lose Benefits

The nutrient value of Matcha green tea enhances metabolism thus only the beneficial nutrients are absorbed while the remaining toxic waste are immediately excreted through the excretory system.

Mental Health Enhancer

These brands f Matcha green tea uses a specialized formula that contains a combination of caffeine at normal levels and L-Theanine which works as mood enhancer, stress reducer, memory developer and focus improver.

Organic Compound

All aforementioned Matcha green tea powder brands uses an all organic ingredient and transformation process. They extract green tea leaves from family owned farms in the pristine vegetation of Japan where the climate is favorable for green tea growth.

The transformation from leaf to powder is also done in a non-modern and al natural manner from handpicked selection, air drying, and stone grounding plus the manufacturers regularly check the farm’s soil and water supply to ensure radiation free and contaminant free ingredients and they manually asses each green tea leaf to ensure its quality.

Final Verdict (Wrap-Up)

Matcha green tea powder contains beneficial nutrients that are essential to your body’s overall health. These chosen brands are one of the top performing Matcha products in the market in terms of quality and customer’s satisfaction.

We ran a comprehensive research using its best seller ranking, product feedback from authority sites, and verified customers’ response to find out the highest quality and best Matcha green tea powder that you may use as health supplement and diet accompaniment. With proper diet and exercise plus healthy lifestyle and daily consumption of Matcha green tea powder on your diet, you’ll surely get optimum health development.

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