The 5 Best MMA Gloves – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

People who are into watching MMA fights know how these games can be brutal. If you plan on fighting on these games instead of just being an spectator then you would definitely need to choose the right equipment that will suit your style and level.


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Before you get too excited to purchase your equipment, you should consider some factors in choosing the best MMA gloves. Do not just buy an expensive set of gloves thinking that this will suit your needs.


Product Summary

  • RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA Gloves is also made with synthetic leather for durability. Its padding curves are designed to protect you against shock impact. You can also have a better and more comfortable grip because of its D.Cut palm-side design.
  • Hayabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves has a Y-Volar design that makes fits perfectly to one’s hand. This helps in increasing stability and sensitivity. Its patented Dual- X Wrist Closure feature is efficient in supporting your wrist and increasing one’s striking power.
  • Venum Challenger MMA Gloves is designed for shock absorption and protection against injuries through its layered foam. Its velcro strap system is also efficient for hand pre-positioning.
  • Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves is a durable and functionable set of gloves made with synthetic leather. Its glove padding provides comfort and flexibility to its user. You do not need to worry about keeping your hands dry due to its EverDri Technology.
  • Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves is an ideal match for those who want to start training in mixed martial arts. Its full padding design helps you develop the right technique. Thumb and fist injuries are prevented through its ThumbLok feature.

Reviews Of The Best MMA Gloves

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RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA Gloves are grappling gloves designed to be shock absorbent. It has an inner grip hose that is used to improve your punching form.

These gloves hit two birds with one stone since it can be used for both training and actual fighting. But these gloves are more suitable for training. There are more durable MMA gloves provide better functionality needed for actual fights.

If you are more into sparring or kickboxing then these gloves will be a good equipment. Just make sure not to place them in a close compartment after using to avoid getting stinky. It is made from Maya Hide synthetic leather and not real leather so its price is lower compared to some models of RDX. The padding is made of standard layered foal.

For those who don’t have the budget to buy gel gloves, the RDX F12 Training Gloves is a good fit for you.

Things we like:

  • Less costly compared to RDX T2GL but durable
  • Has features like that of RDX T2GL
  • Padding layer includes a thumb sheath
  • Comfortable to use

Things we don’t like:

  • Made using cheaper materials compared to RDX T2GL


Hayabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves are premium gloves that are great for training and fighting. Its perfect fit and wrist support are some of its advantages weigh against other models available on the market today.

Hayabusa has been known for its motorcycle gears, but engaging into MMA glove manufacturing is a good choice for the company. Its products do not only focus on the appearance but also on quality and its patented technology.

Its interior lining is designed with moisture absorbing technology to keep your hands dry. This is convenient for those who get sweaty easily. Its zero shifting feature also helps in protecting the ligaments.

Things we like:

  • This is made from durable materials
  • This can be used for training and for actual fights
  • It has a superior fit
  • It efficiently supports the wrist

Things we don’t like:

  • It is a bit expensive as compared to other models


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves is made of PU leather. Like the RDX F12 Training gloves and Hayabusa Ikusa MMA gloves, the Venum Challenger can also be used for training and fighting.

It has a double closure system that makes it convenient for its user. You do not have to worry if it will fit your hand perfectly. This feature also makes it comfortable to use.

Wrist injuries can also be prevented through its leather Velcro closure. The finger and thumb opening helps in absorbing the shock every time you punch or strike.

Things we like:

  • This is less costly but is durable
  • It has dual purpose
  • It has a double closure system that makes it more comfortable to use
  • The Velcro closure prevents wrist injuries

Things we don’t like:

  • There are only fewer features as compared to other Venum models


Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves has a simple design that covers most parts of the hand. But it does not have any thumb protection. It has a full wrist wrap strap that supports the wrist and enables the user to adjust the gloves. Its EverDri Technology does not only keep your hands dry, it also extends the useful life of the gloves.

Because of the materials used, these gloves are not as durable as the other models of Everlast. Like the RDX F12, it is made of synthetic leather instead of real leather.

One of its setbacks, however, is that it only has two sizes. It is available in small or medium and large or extra-large sizes. This is why it is important that you consider the size that suits you best.

This is not ideal to use during heavy bag workouts. You would need heavy bag gloves for that. Doing so can damage the gloves. These gloves are lighter and are not suitable for hitting heavy bags.

Things we like:

  • It has a ThumbLok feature that protects the thumb
  • This can be used for kickboxing
  • Customizable fit
  • It absorbs moisture to keep hands dry

Things we don’t like:

  • Available in only two sizes (small/medium and larg/extra large)
  • Does not have thumb protection


Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are flexible gloves that are easy to put on. These are made from EverFresh materials. Like the first two mentioned products, it is made of synthetic leather so it is durable and less expensive.

It conforms to the shape of your fist and has full padding, so it helps in developing punching techniques. It has a two-layer foam that helps in shock absorbing. Unlike the Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves, this model protects your thumb through its ThumbLok feature. This feature helps in developing proper thumb and fist positions.

You can also choose between two types of wrist strap (traditional laceup and hook and loop) depending on your needs and style. These gloves are available in 12, 14, and 16 ounce sizes.

One of the setbacks mentioned on the reviews of this product is its smell. Users reported that these gloves stinks especially after using so it needs to be out in the open all the time. You need to clean and dry it properly every after using it to prevent this problem.

It does not also support your wrist efficiently like the other more expensive models of Everlast so hand wraps are always encouraged. This is also not for sparring so do not expect to have a comfortable experience when you use these gloves to spar. Some people, however, use this for kickboxing and boxing.

Things we like:

  • It is less costly for a set of training gloves
  • This can be used for kickboxing
  • The wrist straps can be laceup or hook and loop straps
  • It reduces injury
  • Has thumb protection through its ThumbLok feature
  • Available in three sizes
  • Reasonable price

Things we don’t like:

  • It smells especially after using
  • Wrist support is not that efficient

Value Section

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The MMA Gloves For You

  • One of the very first thing to consider in choosing an mma glove is the type. There are different kinds of gloves for different purposes. The most common type that is used during matches are the grappling gloves. Do not use this if you are still a beginner.
  • If you want a light yet sturdy glove then consider buying bag gloves. This is ideal when you are using speed bags for workouts.
  • Training gloves are suitable for beginners. This is not used during an actual fight and is ideal for sparring and shadow boxing.
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Brands To Consider

The next thing to consider would be the brand of mma gloves to choose. With the popularity of the sport, a lot of companies are suddenly jumping on the bandwagon and producing mma gloves.

But brands such as Venum, Fairtex, Title, Hayabusa, and Everlast are veterans when it comes to MMA gloves. Most of you probably heard of Everlast since this company has been on the business for quite some time now.

Why Buy MMA Gloves?

  • Getting into mixed martial arts and not having MMA gloves is like walking on a snowy day with nothing but a shirt and pants on. But let us not be sarcastic and focus on the features of MMA gloves.
  • MMA gloves are designed to protect your hands, may you be on training or on the actual fight. The designs of these gloves have been modified to reduce bruises and other injuries.
  • The leather construction of MMA gloves ensures its durability. The latest designs also feature paddings that can make you more comfortable when you use it.
  • These gloves are also developed to reduce the effects of wrist hyper flexion. The cell foam technology being used to manufacture MMA gloves help in protecting your wrist during training or fights.


If you are still a newbie in the world of mixed martial arts then I would recommend you not to get too excited about using those cool and hardcore equipment you see on actual fights. Being a beginner means using the simple yet functional equipment first. So the best MMA gloves for one user might not be the best for another.

That is why I would recommend the RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA Gloves for those who are still starting. It is a great substitute for those who do not want to spend much on MMA gloves. Even if its materials are less expensive, it still provides durability and functionality that is worthy of its price.

Its versatility probably makes this product a great deal since you can use it for other trainings.

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