The 5 Best Muay Thai Gloves – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

With the fast proliferation of combat sports in the athletics arena nowadays, it is undeniable that Muay Thai is gaining a noticeable popularity among others. So, if you are a fan of the sport and might want to try it sometime, it is essential to equip yourself up with the right kind of gears for the feat.

In this feature, we are introducing to you the best Muay Thai gloves available in the market today. Choosing the right type of gloves for this kind of combat sport is extremely important for your own safety and protection.


RDX Ego Boxing Gloves MuayThai Training Maya Hide Leather Punching Bag Mitts Sparring Kickboxing Fighting is ergonomically designed and engineered to provide its user optimum comfort and protection needed in any kind of combat sport. This product is hand stitched and it complements affordability with durability.


Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro is known for its safety, protection, comfort, quality, and durability aspects of your prospect choices for Muay Thai gloves. It has a snug fit and attached thumb design comfort and protection from injuries.

If you are after good wrist support and snug fit with your preferred gloves, then you might want to have this Fairtex MuayThai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves. This one is constructed and designed with tight-fit hand contours for optimum comfort and protection.

Another product knonw for its high-quality padding and padded grip hose is RDX Elite Boxing Gloves MuayThai Training Genuine Cowhide Leather Punching Bag Mitts Sparring Kickboxing Fighting. This product is designed for the heavy punchers and rigorous trainers who need the comfort, support, quality, and durability that it can provide.


NEW! 10+ STYLES AnthemAthletics STORMBRINGER Sparring Gloves - MuayThai, Striking, Boxing, Kickboxing - 100% Premium Leather is designed conforming to the classic Muay Thai glove design. It offers durability, support, comfort, protection, and affordability all in one.

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Reviews Of The Best MuayThai Gloves

Due to the resiliency of Maya Hide leather, which is the main component material of this product, these gloves are truly durable and long-lasting. With the special RDX Quadro-Dome Technology design, the product is made to provide optimum cushion upon impact.

The Supremo-Shock Foam extra-thick base padding on knuckles and the separate padded block over the wrist-joint area provides extra support and shock absorption for the user. It also has the Quick-EZ Velcro closure w/ extra-long strap and air ventilation features for snug fit, wrist support, comfort, and breathability on the palm side.

Its grip hose is designed to assist in punch formation and proper punching technique. RDX products are endorsed by celebrities and athletes like Michael Bisping, Amir Khan, Scott Adkins, Randy Couture, and Anthony Joshua.

A recent customer who posted a review on this product on Amazon said that he would take these gloves over most other pair of gloves.

One more of the customers who bought this product dubbed it as ‘Amazing’ and ‘Fantastic’ kinds of gloves for according to him; you can never find such quality of gloves from other brands for the price range of $35-$50.

Another Amazon customer claims the product to be great for its price and attested that you can never go wrong with these gloves.

Things we like about this product

  • Affordable yet extremely durable
  • Endorsed by celebrities and athletes
  • All purpose kind of gloves

Things we don’t like about this product

  • Not machine-washable

This product has 8-10oz. gloves sizes designed for competition bouts or bag and pad workouts. While its 12-16oz gloves sizes are suitable and ideal for general training and sparring activities.

The heavier gloves of this product line are constructed to provide durability for rigorous workouts. Their attached thumb design is engineered for its safety features on injury prevention.

This product line manufacture gloves for use in Muay thai, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and boxing. All the gloves in their product line are known for their overall quality and durability, and other features like comfort, weight consistency, and hand support.

An Amazon customer said in a review that these gloves have more cushioning than the other gloves he had used for Muay Thai so he would highly recommend getting them.

Another customer who bought the product said it is worth the money for its high quality.

One more customer posted a review and claimed the product to have snug fit and good for bag work, sparring, and mitt work.

Things we like about this product

  • Durable, comfortable, and affordable
  • Well-cushioned for protection and comfort
  • Suitable for all types of combat sports activities

Things we don’t like about this product

  • Stiff and tight at first which may cause to make your hands go numb

This product is handmade in Thailand and crafted with a tight fit design. It is made of genuine leather with Velcro straps.

This product can be an all-purpose kind of boxing gloves. It belongs to a unique collection of Fairtex gloves designed to be memorable with the same features as the classic Fairtex BGV1 gloves.

This product line is ergonomically constructed and manufactured with a uniquely contoured and tight-fitted hand compartment for providing a snug fit and support. It is made of premium leather with the exclusive Fairtex foam system for that optimum knuckle and hand protection as well as shock disbursement.

Satisfied clients state that these gloves have great craftsmanship.

One of the reviews from a customer also says that he believes this product is one of the best gloves from Fairtex.

Another costumer is satisfied and in love with the gloves for it is a perfect fit for her. She said she would definitely purchase the same gloves again whenever she needs to replace them eventually.

Things we like about this product

  • Durable and ergonomic
  • Has comfort and protective features
  • Can be used as all-purpose boxing gloves

Things we don’t like about this product

  • A bit hard and might hurt your hands at first use
  • A little bit expensive

This product from RDX is made of 100% genuine full grain cowhide leather. It is fortified w/ reinforced stitching for durability and quality.

It is also layered w/ Shell-Shock gel and infused w/ Tetra-padding around the knuckles for maximum shock absorption. Its padded grip hose allows for proper punching technique that helps prevent or avoid injuries.

Wrist-support and comfortable snug fit is brought about by the improved Quick-EZ Velcro closure given by the products from this product line. The Nylon Mesh palms of this product wicks away moisture and sweat, thus keeping the hands fresh and odour-free.

A satisfied customer says that the unit can be adjusted to the user’s height. He was amazed.

Another review from an Amazon customer states that he was happy with the product because it has exceeded his expectations.

Another customer feedback said that he is satisfied with the fit and quality of the product. He says they are super light and he got a lot of compliments for it.

Things we like about this product

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Endorsed by celebrities and athletes
  • All purpose kind of gloves

Things we don’t like about this product

  • A bit more expensive than its other kind
  • Limited stocks as of writing this review

This product is made from premium buffalo leather. It is deemed superior in performance and strength compared to standard and synthetic leather gloves.

Its built is 100% focused on performance with no nonsense artwork and packaging. In other words, you will really get what you paid for and for what really matters with this product.

It is a designed in the model of a classic MuayThai gloves. It has an enhanced wrist protection and secure fit for optimal support.

Its moisture-wicking lining provides comfort for the hands. The triple density and high-performance PU foam is intended for maximum impact absorption and protection.

This product is constructed and optimized for training, sparring, and competition. It can be used in all types of boxing and combat sports like Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA, and boxing.

A newbie in Muay Thai asserts that the gloves are comfortable to wear, offer good wrist support, and has an ample space for hand wraps.

Another customer stated in her review on Amazon that these gloves provided her the good amount of padding so her hands were the only things not sore after her workout.

One more customer said that she likes this product’s logo and design and that she is happy with these new gloves she had bought.

Things we like about this product

  • Comfortable and durable
  • All-purpose kind of gloves
  • Classic and practical

Things we don’t like about this product

  • Quite expensive
  • Not quite ideal for long-term bag workouts

What Are The Types Of Gloves For MuayThai And Boxing?


There are a total of four types of the different gloves used in Muay Thai and even in boxing. It is important to know them to avoid choosing the wrong gloves for your intended goal when engaging in any combat sports like Muay Thai or boxing.

  1. Training Gloves
  2. Sparring Gloves
  3. Bag GlovesClinch Gloves

The Different Muay Thai Glove Sizes And When Or Where To Use Them


The different sizes of Muay Thai or boxing gloves to choose from also come with corresponding activities suited for each size. If you wrongfully chose a glove for your preferred activity to engage in, you might end up injuring or hurting yourself in the process.

  1. 16oz. gloves are generally used for sparring.
  2. 12-14oz. gloves are commonly recommended for bag or pad work.
  3. 8-10oz. gloves are usually used in fighting or competitions.

Things To Consider In Choosing The Right Kind Of Muay Thai Gloves

  • Choose the gear that is best for the type of combat sport and workout activities you want to engage in.
  • Muay Thai gloves are different from boxing gloves and any other kinds of gloves used in kickboxing or MMA.
  • Always consider your weight as Muay Thai gloves come in various weighted categories for their sizes.
  • The two most important features or factors that a best Muay Thai glove should possess are durability and comfort.

The Best MuayThai Gloves for us in this feature is the RDX Ego Boxing Gloves MuayThai Training Maya Hide Leather Punching Bag Mitts Sparring kickboxing Fighting. Among its contenders, it has the most ergonomically designed built which is suitable for all types of combat sports aside from Muay Thai.

Its affordability and durability is unquestionable. This product aced its way to the top and earned our ‘cream-of-the-crop’ choice for the Best Muay Thai gloves.

It promotes its comfortable and snug fit features alongside with its optimum dependability in support, safety, and protection. We positively recommend this product for maximum customer satisfaction in general.

It also comes in various sizes for the different weighted categories as in 8oz.-16oz. sizes. This product boasts of its endorsement from famous athletes and celebrities from the combat sports arena, thus giving it a plus factor.

Therefore, if you are up for comfort, safety, durability, and affordability, you might want to put this product into consideration for your choices on gears for Muay Thai training. You can view more of these products here.

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