The 5 Best Speed Bags – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Speed bags are one of the most used gym equipment but you may also install your very own speed bag at home whether for overall fitness or boxing training.

The market offers a wide array of options but finding the best speed bag is crucial because you need to know the factors that make a mere speed bag a great performing boxing bag. Below is a list of our best speed bags review which may serve as your guide when buying your own high-quality speed bag.


Product Summary – Our Top Picks And Their Best Speed Bag Features​

Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag- If you are looking for excellent quality leather material, Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag ranks top on the list with its top-rated synthetic leather material which is highly necessary on this category considering the arduous nature of boxing sports. Leather is one of the most robust and durable materials with its non-absorbent property plus it can resist the normal tear and wear from high impact punches and air-shattering, limitless beatings.

TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bags- If you are looking for a speed bag that tightly secures its air contents while keeping its lightweight property for enhanced balanced, then we recommend Title Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed bag. It has a reinforced leather seams with tightly secured lacing system that keeps the bag in tact while securing the air inside for top-quality balance.

speed bag

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag- It is made with heavy duty latex, which is a durable material that also contributes to its balanced weight distribution while enhancing recoil rate blow after blow regardless of what angle the blow hits.

Title Classic Speed Bag- one of the lightest, it excels in terms of speed and rebound performance as contributed by its small and lightweight property which and balanced weight distribution due to its all-leather welted seams that keeps all of its part together and secures its air contents from deflating.​

RDX Leather Boxing Speed Bag MMA Ball Swivel Punching Workout Training- This is perfect for personal training where you have access to an inflating machine. RDX speed bag is durable with its cowhide leather material, reinforced stitching and layered seams and padded interiors but the only drawback is that deflates easily than the rest.​

Top 5 Speed Bags

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1. Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag

Made up of high quality and top grade synthetic leather material, Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag is crafted to serve its purpose and withstand forceful strikes and punch impacts from successive blows. It also uses welted seams and reinforced lacing system that enhances its durability and lengthens its usability.

It comes in a balanced design that suits perfectly for hanging type of speed bag installation. Its smartly cogitated outline promotes rebound accuracy and recoil rate while developing your hand-eye coordination.

It’s easy to fill up Everlast Elite, just simply insert the needle on the hole which you can find at the bottom of the speed bag then fill it up with air. Though the pin and swivel aren’t included in the original package, you may buy one at your favorite sporting goods store.

You may choose from its available 2 size options that will suit your training requirement such as the medium size with an average product dimension of 9-inch x 6 inches while its large counterpart has an average dimension of 10inch x 7 inches.

Everlast Elite’s overall qualities such as lightweight property, top grade material, balanced profile and strategically designed outline help quicken your reflexes, enhances rhythm, speed, and timing.

Things We Liked: 

  • Welted seams and reinforced lacing system for improved durability.
  • Top grade synthetic material that contributes to its lightweight property, balance, and durability
  • Its smartly designed outline promotes balance.
  • Bullet Point 2

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Too small
  • Swivel is not included
  • Pin for filling is not included.

2. TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bags

Crafted using Title’s Gyro Precision Balanced technology which enhances its rebound rate and speeds up the velocity of its recoils, Title Gyro Speed Bag develops the boxer’s reflexes and focuses while maintaining its rhythm.

This speed bag from Title is manufactured using the highest quality synthetic leather shell material for longer usability and withstand the impact from hand to bag contact and force from dynamic blows.

Title Gyro is designed with triple reinforced leather seams and a lacing system that keeps its parts tightly secured for optimum balance while enduring relentless workout session. No wonder, this speed bag can sustain countless beat up sessions.

Gyro speed bag by Title comes with a butyl rubber pro bladder with an internal balancing system that promotes balanced and quick ricochet rate which is perfect for a boxer’s speed training, eye-hand coordination and biceps endurance. It allows the boxer to hit the bag either in the front or on the sides without alteration on its reaction rate.

Things We Liked: 

  • Synthetic Leather Shell material for optimum durability
  • Reinforced leather seams and lacing system which keeps the whole thing together while enhancing its usability length
  • Butyl rubber pro bladder with an internal balancing system for balanced weight distribution which promotes true and speedy rebound and recoil rate

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The bag is not shaped well and lopsided.
  • The seams have a propensity of breakage after countless of beatings.
  • The bladder has a tendency to stop holding sufficient air.

3. Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag

Made up of high grade genuine synthetic leather, Pro Impact speed bag is purposefully designed to withstand countless of beatings and high impact punches. Plus, its trendy and vibrant design adds excitement to a sportsman training session.

It has been manufactured using Pro Impact’s very own Triple Reinforced, all leather bound and welted seams stitching technology which secures and keeps its parts all together despite the force it receives in every blow and endures its radically changing environment condition.

An addition to Pro Impact line of sporting gear, this genuine leather stands out in terms of balance and rebound accuracy as contributed by its heavy duty latex bladder which doesn’t only work as equilibrium enhancer but promotes recoil rate regardless of the angle of the blow.

Its strategically profiled pear shapes enhance balanced weight distribution for speedy bounce back rate which helps improve a boxer’s rhythm and constancy.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag offers timeless quality and beneficial properties which help develop a boxer’s stamina, bicep endurance, strength, speed, eye and coordination, rhythm and focus.

Things We Liked: 

  • Genuine Leather Material used promotes durability and has a natural ability to endure countless forceful blows and rapid changes in weather condition.
  • Triple Reinforce, all leather bound and welted seams stitching technology keeps its parts altogether and secured.
  • Heavy-duty latex bladder enhances balance and rebound rate.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Too small
  • Its pear-shaped profile is asymmetric
  • Bladder leaks past the needle so you need to fill it up regularly.

4. Title Classic Speed Bag

Title Classic Speed Bag is manufactured using an old-school design characterized by its the red pear-shaped profile. It is made up of high-quality synthetic leather material for optimum durability as the material itself is known for its excellent durability property which can resist the natural wear and tear from numerous forceful strikes and velocity of impact.

It also helps retains the product original quality even after direct exposure to different weather conditions.

Title Classic’s lightweight property promotes equal weight distribution which enhances balance for quicker rebound rate and optimum recoil speed blow after blow.

It was constructed with an all leather welted seams system wherein all areas were triple stitched and went through demanding assessment and product testing to ensure précised balance and exquisite general quality. This system has been applied to make sure that all parts will remain intact even when countless impacts and blunt forces are applied.

It also comes with an extended life built in rubber to secure the air inside, enhances recoil rate and improves its durability. Its loop has added reinforcement to lengthen its usability.

Title Classic Speed Bag comes in 2 sizes namely the 5inch x 8 inch and 6 inch X 9inch, giving you extra options that are suitable for your training requirement. In totality, though it’s relatively small than what most buyers expect, it’s still a nice looking and nice feeling speed bag.

Things We Liked: 

  • Old school design
  • Lightweight
  • All-leather welted seams with triple stitches

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Relatively small
  • Its loops were small
  • Doesn’t come with swivel

5. RDX Leather Boxing Speed Bag MMA Ball Swivel Punching Workout Training

Crafted out of cowhide leather, RDX boxing speed ball is created to portray stubborn resiliency and, near if not perfect, invincibility. It was crafted to serve its purpose of being able to withstand beatings from forceful punches and tearing blows without breaking. It can retain its original quality and superficial profile even after an arduous training session.

Created with a reinforced hand stitching system that involves riveted and layered seams for unbreakable quality, RDX’s keeps its parts altogether and securely attached with one another even after receiving a day of forceful strikes and extreme outside forces.

Its interiors were strategically lined with polycotton specifically on the patent while the rest is sufficiently padded for optimum hand comfort and lightness that contributes to its speedy rebound rate. It’s a lightweight beauty that promotes comfort to boxers despite the impact and beatings that it gets.

The product includes a top grade and rust proof steel swivel for lifelong durability which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its hanging strap is smartly profiled with 3 cm length and is easy to connect with the swivel either of your choice or with the one that comes with the product.

Things We Liked: 

  • Cowhide leather material for lifelong durability
  • Reinforced hand stitching system with riveted and layered seams
  • Polycotton lined patent and sufficiently padded interiors

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with a clip or chain gripper which makes it difficult to attach to the swivel.
  • Needs regular filling because it keeps on deflating.
  • Reported case of broken bracket thread

What The Best Speed Bags Should Have

speed bag

Your speed bag is one of the tools that aids you in achieving your goal whether it’s to achieve optimum fitness or successful boxing career. It helps you gain advantage on the ring, and overpower your opponent. Here are some factors and tips that you may consider in buying the best speed bags for your next training session.

Leather Base Material

The nature of the sports itself connotes arduous training so a great performing speed bag should be able to withstand intensive blows and forceful impact from countless strikes coming from different directions. The key to determining a durable product is by looking into its material and leather is the best material for speed bags since it has a robust nature, non-susceptible to the common wear and tear of boxing sports.

Lightweight Property

A speed bag’s weight determines its rebound rate. Remember, a heavy bag takes more time to recoil thus if you want to develop your speed and rhythm, choose a lightweight speed bag to hasten your quickness, focus and mental ability as well as your biceps’ stamina.

Durable Seams and Stitching System

The stitching system used matters in choosing a great quality speed bag. It determines whether it can survive high impact blows. The stitching keeps the bag together and secures the air from deflating. Seams may be hand stitched or machine stitched but look for speed bags with layered and welted seams as well as reinforced lacing system to ensure that every part is tightly secured and conjoined with one another forming a whole speed bag.

speed bag

Size Matters

Speed bag usually comes in different sizes and the most common size option is small, medium and large. Now, in choosing an excellent quality speed bag, try to reconsider your training requirement and ask yourself, what size do I need?

You need to identify your goals as well, whether you’re training for boxing (as in real boxing) or you’re just trying to lose some fats and enhance your biceps’ endurance.

If you’re into recreational and fitness boxing, then try using the larger bag. Due to its size and weight, you need more force and power to continuously land some punches. It will develop your strength and power while enhancing your shoulder, arm and hand muscles.

If you are into real boxing and you would want to develop your speed, eye-hand coordination, rhythm, and focus; then use a smaller bag. Why? Because a smaller bag is way more difficult to target and control. Once you’re done with it, you may try the larger bag to develop your power and strength.


speed bag

Your training determines your success and your speed bag’s quality will define your training!

Our recommendation of the best speed bags went through a series of tremendous assessment and we gathered these pieces of information from different highly respected authority sites, verified buyer’s reviews, sales rate, and satisfaction rating.

We also screened the best among the best through researching the most effective materials used, beneficial features and added properties. These products that made it to our top 5 list were some of the top performing brands and highly recommended by professional boxers.

We may offer recommendations, but the choice is yours. Our product value section will give you an idea of the factors that you need to consider when buying a speed bag. May this serves as a guide and be of help to your crucial decision-making task.

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