The 5 Best Sprinting Spikes – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Are you looking for ways to improve your performance during sprint races? In a sport where time is very crucial to the outcome of the game, a quality sprinting spike can help you perform on the track at top speed.

Sprinting spikes come in different fits and shapes, and choosing the right one isn’t always that easy. To guide you in your purchase, we’ve put together the best sprinting spikes that can propel you faster, improve your grip, and give you an overall great performance on the track.


Top Picks


Saucony Spitfire is a beginner sprinting spike that offers great traction on the track with its seven-pin Pebax spike plate. Velcro and laces closures are placed on its upper to help achieve snug fit.

If you want a fast sprinting spike for short distance races, you might want to consider Asic Hypersprint 5. It is both comfortable and light on the feet. However, you might find some issues when you use this spike on surfaces other than the track.

Saucony Velocity is a versatile sprinting spike that can handle various distance events. It is flexible and can be used outside the track.

Another sprinting spike that can handle all types of surfaces is the Puma Complete Tfx Sprint 3. It features a lightweight midsole Eva that provides shock absorption.

Are you tight on budget? You might want to look at Puma Tfx Sprint V4. It is a lightweight sprinting spike that offers great features for a low value.

Reviews Of The Best Sprinting Spikes

1. Saucony Men's Spitfire

Saucony’s Spitfire is an entry level sprinting spike that has a smooth and lightweight synthetic upper designed to lock the foot and reduce drag. The upper also has velcro and lace closures that help guarantee secured fit.

An Eva midsole offers maximum underfoot cushioning to ensure comfort. The outsole is built with an Xt-lite material that gives durability in the heel section.

This spike might be a good choice for beginner sprinters looking for a shoe that provides great performance in short distance races.

Most people who ordered this spike claimed that it runs a little small in size so you might want to choose one size bigger than your usual size. They also commented that the shoe’s grip to the track surface is smooth and nice even in the rain.

Some found the fit to be comfortable but a bit too snug so you might want to look for another pair if you’re looking for more breathing room.

Things We Liked: 

  • Comfortable and snug
  • Durable
  • Has good traction

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Size might run small
  • Slightly tight across the toes
  • Top material is a bit flimsy

2. Asics Men's Hypersprint 5

The Asics Hypersprint 5 is a light and fast entry level sprinting spike designed for sprint races up to 400 meters.

This spike has a durable and lightweight mesh upper that offers enhanced fit. The upper is designed to help you easily accelerate on the track without any excess weight.

Maximum traction and speed on the track is achieved through its five-pin Pebax spike plate.

The midsole has an Eva heel pad to provide you support and cushioning. No cushioning enhancements were added to keep the shoe as light as it can be.

This might be a good sprinting spike for runners who do short distance fast races.

Several users said that the shoe is extremely light and fits securely. It’s comfortable enough for them to not use socks when wearing it.

A few said that the spike performs great on the track but is slippery and unstable on other surfaces.

Things We Liked: 

  • Good for beginners
  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable and sturdy

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only meant for running on the track
  • Limited to short distance events

3. Saucony Men's Velocity

The Saucony Velocity is a basic spike for sprinters who participate in different distance events.

The upper of the spike is made of a lightweight mesh that gives minimal yet supportive feel. Overlays are also placed along it for improved flexibility and fit.

A stiff polymer is used for the forefoot’s seven-pin Pebax plate to increase propulsion and momentum. Traction and durability is achieved through the spike’s Xt-600 carbon rubber outsole.

If you are looking for a shoe that can handle sprints and jumps, this might be a good choice for you.

Many users found it to be comfortable and flexible, which means that it can be used in both trainings and competitions.

A handful said that the color is bright and can offer great visibility under low-lighting conditions. They also noticed that they sprint faster when using this spike.

A few commented that the spike is narrow so it might be uncomfortable for people with wide feet.

Things We Liked: 

  • Tight fit
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable and flexible

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Size might run small
  • Narrow

4. Puma Complete Tfx Sprint 3

The Puma Complete Tfx Sprint 3 is a sprinting spike that offers abundant support. It has a firm spike plate that keeps you on your forefoot for a faster run.

The spike’s upper is made up of a synthetic leather and mesh with strategically placed overlays which offer added stability and breathability.

A die cut Eva midsole, which is relatively lighter than a normal Eva, serves as a good shock absorber and provides lots of support without any added weight. Chaffing is prevented through the spike’s comfortable textile lining.

Tfx Sprint 3 might be a good choice for short to middle distance sprint races that mainly involve the use of the front foot.

Users found the shoe to fit securely even with one size bigger. It is also comfortable and light for running in all surfaces.

Things We Liked: 

  • Fits snugly
  • Very lightweight
  • Has good traction in all surfaces

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Toe box might be a little too low
  • Might be tight for some runners

5. Puma Men's Tfx Sprint V4

The Puma Tfx Sprint V4 is a fast and lightweight sprinting spike that features a one piece microfiber upper that securely locks the foot onto the spike plate. The shoe has laces pinned down in the middle to keep it from slipping.

A die cut Eva sockliner is lined to the strobe board for an enhanced fit. The midsole has a compression molded Eva to provide you a strong but comfortable ride.

To keep you up onto your toes, TFX Sprint V4 features a more tapered and curved racing lasts. This helps you propel yourself faster and efficiently on the track.

A number of users commented that the value is great for what the spike has to offer. Many have increased their speed and improved their races.

Breathing room also seems bigger than other sprinting spikes and this might be good for sprinters with wide feet.

One downside of the shoe is that its overall performance decreases as distance increases. This might only suit short distance sprint races.

Things We Liked: 

  • Enhances speed
  • High end features for an affordable value
  • Has a lot of breathing room
  • Durable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Limited to short distance events
  • Might be a little wide for some runners

Benefits Of Sprinting Spikes

Good Traction and Toe Spring


One of the major advantages of using sprinting spike is that it gives you traction on the track, even during wet or harsh conditions.

Sprinting spike also offers better toe spring compared to regular racing flats. You are forced to run onto your toes so your speed relatively increases.

Having better grip and toe spring on the trail means you can propel yourself faster and finish the race in a short amount of time.


The versatility of a sprinting spike can improve your speed. Since the actual spikes on the shoe are removable, you can easily modify its configuration to match with your preferences, depending on what type of race you are doing.

Runners usually place the spikes under the toes since this is where most of the impact goes during a sprint race.

For races such as a 200-meter sprint where you need all grip you can get, spikes are usually placed in the outside of the right foot and inside of the left foot.



Having good traction is not the only solution to improved speed. Spikes are lighter compared to other running shoes, which means you can move your feet faster without much effort when you run in it.

Sprinting spikes are the lightest among all types of spike shoes. This is because sprinters need the most speed they can get during the short amount of time they need to finish the race.

While spikes can increase your speed, the absence of shoe cushioning and padding doesn’t give a lot of comfort. Spikes should fit you well but some can get uncomfortable when worn all day.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sprinting Spikes

Spike Type


Sprinting is all about running over a short distance in the fastest time possible. This means that you need to have an aggressive spike that can handle tremendous stress as soon as you propelled out of the starting line towards the finish line.

Sprinting spikes use either stiff or flexible spike attachment. If you want to have less support in the front of the shoe then you can use a more flexible plate.

Spike Number, Length and Shape

Sprinting spikes contain different number of pin or spikes. They can range from three to eight spikes depending on the shoe manufacturer and plate size.

In most sprint races, spike length generally measures around 6 millimeters but it can range from three to nine millimeters.

Spike shapes vary. They can be pointed, slightly blunted or tiered. Spikes can also be made out of titanium, ceramic or steel.



Lightweight spikes are clearly the better choice when looking for competitive shoes. However, it is necessary to consider and inspect all the shoe components. Sometimes, a lightweight shoe might lack important factors such as breathing room and traction. Overall, shoe quality is important in achieving a great sprinting spike.

Fit Preference

Every sprinter has their individual preference when it comes to how spikes fit. Some favor getting half size down shoes to achieve secure and snug fit, while others choose looser shoes to achieve breathability and comfort. However, your sprinting spike shouldn’t be larger than your regular running shoe. Your toes should not feel cramped in front of the shoe because it can cause blister and injuries.



Out of all the best sprinting spikes we reviewed, the Saucony Velocity is our top choice.

Not only is it lightweight and comfortable but is also a versatile spike that can handle various distance events. You can either use it as a training or competition shoe.

We particularly like that it provides good traction on all surfaces. This is advantageous in harsh conditions and unnecessary injuries can be prevented.

This spike also provides good toe spring and keeps you on your forefoot so you accelerate faster and reach the finish line in a shorter time.

You’ll get the most out of your money with the superior features offered by this sprinting spike.

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