5 Best Weighted Vests For Running – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

While it is true that weighted vests increase muscle strength and endurance, not all of them are feasible for cardiovascular exercises such as jogging or running. As you hunt around for this workout garb, make sure that it is the suitable one.

We did the job of selecting the best weighted vests for running for you. Depending on your body type, budget and what you consider as more valuable, you may choose your own according to the qualities of the following weighted vests.



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Product Summaries

  • As the name implies, the RunFast Max Pro is certainly designed for running. This is a professional weighted vest so it means that all you probably had to do is select from among the range of weights that suits your body as you buy this product.
  • The ZFOSports Adjustable Weighted Vest comes in 40 pounds. It may appear like a SWAT vest, but it does its job well as a weighted vest and it is durable.
  • The Valeo Weighted Vest has four front clip belts that provide good adjustments and snug fit for any body type.
  • The Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro is not as pocket-friendly as the others but it is definitely a high-quality weighted vest for running.
  • Although the MIR 50lbs Weighted Vest seems like a heavy-duty one, you can actually reduce the weights by removing some of its 3-pound increments.

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Bring your endurance and strength to the next level while running with this high-intensity weighted vest. The minimum weight is 12 pounds, but you may order something much heavier from this range: 20, 40, 50, 60 and up to 140 pounds.

You may also have to select whether you want shoulder pads or not. But note that it gets costlier as you do.

Shoulder pads serve to provide comfort around the neck and shoulders because much strain is caused on them as you wear your vest. This is especially true when the vest is worn for a time or you are wearing the 50-pounders and above.

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone new to the game, this one may meet your expectations. The straps are large enough to cover one’s entire trunk; they are also adjustable.

The only issue is the difficulty of getting it on. You must have someone to put it on you. You may have to get the shoulder pads because most people who have tried this while running really felt some strain on their shoulder. Not much weight is loaded on the hips so buying this may depend on what part of body you are trying to develop.

Things We Liked:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Up to 120 60lbs
  • Wide selection of weights

Things We Didn't Liked:

  • Difficult to put on by yourself
  • If gets costlier as you add increments


This apparel has a cumbersome appearance because it is made of first-rate materials that provide durability and practical functions. The pockets have a simple design in which you can easily slide the weights in.

It has 8 weight compartments in front and also 8 at the back. It is designed for both men and women even if made for high-intensity workouts.

It comes in 40 pounds, but the weights are removable so you can lessen the heaviness to the one you prefer. The increments, which are bags filled with iron ores and sands, weigh 2.5 pounds.

If you are a beginner, you may reduce the weights and begin at 10 pounds. You can wear this vest while running or performing other workout such as mountain climbing, lateral drills, vertical jumps and hill bounding.

The Velcro straps are also adjustable enough to make the weighted vest conform to any one’s body. For most users, there is no need for neck padding because it’s usually not an issue, but if you exercise long enough, the weight may strain your shoulders, as most weighted vests do.

Things We Liked:

  • Comfortable soft padding
  • Sweat-absorbent
  • Tight-fitting straps
  • Long-lasting high-quality fabric

Things We Didn't Liked:

  • Cumbersome appearance


The Valeo Weighted Vest offers a lot of adjustability to your entire upper trunk because of its four front clip belts. There are compartments at the front and back, where you can add the weights.

The weighted vest is ordered as a 40-pounder, but the weights come in with detachable 1-pound increments. These are bags filled with sands, which make the vest conform nicely to any body type.

Some users point to the fact that the sandbags are actually filled with plastic beads, but it doesn’t matter. The vest does its weight-loading job and it gives a good mold to the body anyway.

It is great for beginner’s and intermediate workouts. It rests easily on the shoulder and has a balance feel. It wouldn’t bounce while you’re running.

Things We Liked:

  • Four adjustable front clip straps
  • Removable 1-pound packs
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Shoulder padding

Things We Didn't Liked:

  • Pinching under the armpit


The Hyper Vest Pro is a nice-looking, unisex athlete’s apparel that you can wear under your shirt or jacket without being noticeable. Its slim profile makes it an all-around weighted vest for any kind of exercises because it does not restrict full movement.

Each of its compartments can hold two weights, and the high-density steel bars may be arranged horizontally or vertically in the front and back to distribute the load evenly. Removable increments that weigh 2.5 lbs each can be added to make this vest a 10-pounder to 40-pounder.

This is a professional weighted vest that comes with patented design and high-quality materials. The wicking stretch fabric provides sweat-resistant breathability, while the zipper in front makes it simple and easy to wear.

The manufacturer seems to be acquainted with the common problems encountered with weighted vests. Case in point is the fact that the Hyper Vest Pro was designed in such as way as to avoid chafing issues on the underarm.

It hugs the entire upper body trunk without making you feel wrapped all over. There are no jiggling issues as well because the laces on both sides can be tied off for adjustability and ventilation at the same time.

Things We Liked:

  • Not bulky
  • Front zipper for easy wear
  • Breathable, cool and comfortable
  • Excellent design and material

Things We Didn't Liked:

  • Expensive


The MIR Weighted Vest provides a highly adjustable and comfortable fit to any type of body, making it suitable for both men and women. What’s great about its design is that much of the weight is held by the upper torso, thus adding intensity to running without making you feel pulled down.

Women may find an issue with this design because the weights tend to jiggle or bounce on the chest, unless some of the weights are removed or the straps are tightened enough. It has 4 front straps that make the vest conforms just right and 2 straps inside for greater adjustability.

The vest has 60-pounds capacity, and the weight contribution can be configured by adding 3-pound increments. With its 11-inch length confined mostly to the upper torso, you are enabled with full range of movements.

Only a small phone can be stored in the pockets. Some people who used it complained about a little rubbing on the underarm, but compared to its overall benefits, it’s a minor issue.

Things We Liked:

  • Fair price
  • Durable material
  • High-adjustability around the waist and shoulder

Things We Didn't Liked:

  • Not ideal for women when running
  • Problem with replacement straps

Weighted Vest For Running

A weighted vest is a gym or exercise apparel worn to increase resistance on the body muscles while working out. Putting on this vest aids in building strength and endurance as well as in accelerating weight loss.

Other benefits of wearing weighted vests include:

  • Regular workouts feel more easier without them
  • Adds intensity and difficulty
  • Feeling of lightness after wearing
  • Prevents you from being sluggish during workout
  • Wakes up all inactive body muscles to deal with the additional load
  • Conquering the weights themselves provides a lot of motivation
  • Promotes the ability to balance better
  • Strengthens core muscles for good posture because the load forces the body to stay upright
  • Increased bone mass and stronger bones especially on the lower body

How To Choose The Appropriate Weighted Vest For You

Most weighted vests are designed for only a particular set of training exercises such as crunches or any workout that require movements horizontally. These aren’t ideal for running because most of the weights are positioned such that they will lift you down and cause much strain to your shoulders and back as you jog or sprint.

To choose the right one for running, evaluate yourself and look for the following characteristics in the vest:

  • Weights are in such a position as to increase the demand on your hips and legs
  • Weights are distributed evenly in your entire torso
  • Heaviness should be just right enough to minimize the risk of permanent damage with too much muscle stress
  • Straps of the vest are designed to pull most of the weight towards your back
  • For beginners and intermediate, start with at least 10-20 pounds weights and gradually increase the increments as you progress
  • Should be highly-adjustable to fit your body size


Everything else on this list characterizes the five products we reviewed above. But among them all, we choose the Hyperwear’s Hyper Weighted Vest as the top contender.

In the making of this weighted vest, the manufacturer surely has in mind not only the basic needs but the comfort of the wearer as well. The thin design and breathability that the Hyper Weighted Vest provides while running certainly add to its value.

Likewise, we rated this as the best weighted vest for running because of the excellent materials used. While it is indeed costly, this might be a good investment if you are into advancing your fitness level with durable and long-lasting apparels.

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