7 Bulgarian Split Squat Benefits – They Might Surprise You!

The Bulgarian split squat is typically seen as a weak alternative to the traditional squat. But before you put a verdict on this one, you should first learn about the most noteworthy Bulgarian split squat benefits.

If there’s an exercise that’s less likely to bring injuries while producing the same results, won’t you go for it? This is exactly what this particular kind of squat is all about.

Here’s a list of perks that will surely make you question why you haven’t added it yet in your daily exercise routine:

1. You Won’t Have To Worry About Safety.


You may have been doing several routines that are putting too much pressure on one part of your body. This makes it more likely for you to hurt yourself as your body may not be able to take that pressure.

You can get injuries by working out in the gym. Some “unsafe” exercises can cause you to pull a muscle, tear a ligament, or get other painful exercise injuries.

With the Bulgarian split squat, the possibilities of having accidents are reduced to a minimum. After all, doing a squat will make your body flexible, thus minimizing your chances of getting breaks or tears.

Aside from that, the exercise puts less pressure on your lower back as compared to a traditional back squat. If you have experienced an injury on your lower back, the former will be your safer alternative.

Why’s that? It actually puts the weight at your sides through the dumbbells. A traditional back squat puts the weight on your back as you will be lifting against your shoulders.

Simply put, you will be able to work on the muscles of your legs, thigh, butt, and arms without putting too much pressure on your spine.

2. You’ll Find It Easier To Burn Fat


You need to understand that the fastest way for you to burn fat is to build muscles. Your body has the ability to burn a maximum of 70 calories in a day in response to the additional pound of muscle that you gain.

If you add the aforesaid exercise to your routine, you’ll manage to build muscle in various areas of your body. You will also gain stability and build strength in your lower body.

3. It’s A No Fuss, Do-Anywhere Exercise.


The low-impact squat does not require the use of a lot of gym equipment. All you need are dumbbells, something that you can use to elevate your foot, and straps.

Truth be told, you can even do this exercise without the aid of dumbbells. All you need to do is to reduce your speed and increase repetitions – that should allow you to reach the effort required.

If done properly, there’s really no need for a spotter or any safety apparatus. You can do the squat at home, in the office, or any place you deem fit.

Still, if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to working out, we highly recommend that you get proper guidance as you try this challenging yet rewarding pursuit.

As for choosing a location, anywhere should be fine. Just imagine doing exercises in front of the TV. Yes, that’s a real option.

4. It’s one of the best exercises for your glutes


The Bulgarian split squat aids in activating your quadriceps. It also builds stability on each of your legs.

When you perform it, your movement causes your glutes to flex and so, microtears are produced. After a couple of days, these tiny tears are repaired, which in turn lets your muscle fibers grow bigger and stronger.

5. It’s Practically The Same As The Traditional Squat, Benefits-wise.


Studies have shown that bilateral and unilateral squats produce the same benefits. As we’ve pointed out, the Bulgarian variant is safer than its conventional counterpart – so, there’s no real benefit in choosing the latter.

If you don’t want to give up your traditional squats, you can alternate between the two. Your workout will be more interesting with all the different movements you will be doing.

6. It Improves Your Jumping Ability And Increases Your Running Speed.


The Bulgarian split squat imitates your stance before a jump. It familiarizes the body with the jumping position, and that’s why a lot of people include this in their jumping routine.

It also makes you run faster since it strengthens your legs. You can do this exercise as a warm up before running on a treadmill.

7. It Effectively Tones The Entire Lower Body.


We won’t be surprised if your main reason for hitting the gym is to have a toned, beach-ready body. Yes, you want to be healthy, too.

Here’s something you should know though – doing crunches and sit-ups isn’t enough to burn belly fat. If you want a lean and toned body, what you need is a full-body workout.

The squat not only targets the glutes, it also works on the muscles on your legs, thigh, and arms. It will also tone your abs and backside.

With all these benefits, you should start working out so you can see the results for yourself. You will be surprised as to how something that looks so weak can produce amazing results.

When done properly, the Bulgarian split squat can yield the results that you want in a short amount of time, though it takes some trial and error before you finally get the position that you can work with.

Here’s a tip if you’re finding it a bit too challenging – just start with lighter weights. You can increase the weight gradually as you get used to this exercise, and there’s absolutely no shame in that.

This exercise is suitable for both men and women since it’s easy to follow and does not take a lot of effort to do. All you need is the will to do it and the motivation to have a better body.


If you still think that this split squat is “too weak” for you, then you need start the workout and see for yourself how much effort and tension it puts on the targeted areas of your body. We guarantee that you’ll feel it.

So, now that you know the difference that this exercise can do for your routine, it’s time to get on the floor and reap the Bulgarian split squat benefits.

Luke Cafferty

Luke Cafferty is a fitness junkie, personal trainer and blogger. He's passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a strong and well rounded physique, while inspiring you to do the same.

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