5 Amazing Dumbbell Bench Press Benefits (No. 4 is best)

Did you know that there are dumbbell bench press benefits that other exercises do not offer?

The dumbbell bench press lets you get superior muscle activation. This means that your muscles, especially the ones in your chest area, get a powerful workout.

Do you want to make the most out of the dumbbell bench press? If so, read more about the 5 amazing benefits of the exercise!


Dumbbell Bench Press Benefits

1. It is a relatively safe exercise.

The dumbbell bench press is a safe component to your workout. It allows you to work on strengthening your muscles with less chances of causing injuries.

Because of the increased freedom of motion, you will be putting less strain on your body as you train with the dumbbell bench press. After thorough research by university scholars, this study was submitted to the School of Education of the University of Pittsburgh that outlines the benefits of the bench press (either done with dumbbells or a bar).

Some of the exercises that can be compared to the dumbbell bench press are:

  • Barbell bench press
  • Hammer strength chest press
  • ​Dips
  • ​Push ups
  • Cable chest press
  • TRX bear hugs

While exercising regularly is recommended, be careful not to overdo it. According to a number of studies (including those published in BBC News and the Mayo Clinic Proceedings), there are several risks of over-exercising. These include:

  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Stress and depletion of dopamine, glutamine, and other neuro-transmitters
  • Insomnia and prolonged restlessness
  • Possible cardiovascular problems

2. It allows you to work on your biceps.

Do you want to work on your biceps? If so, the dumbbell bench press is just waiting for you to give it a go.

As revealed by an electromyography (EMG) result, the dumbbell bench press works on your biceps. In addition, according to a featured post in the Journal of Sports Sciences, it actually improves the health of your biceps, too!

When engaging in a dumbbell bench press routine, the activity in your bicep brachii muscle is high.

In fact, a popular exercise was utilized to make a comparison. Are you familiar with the Smith machine?

The Smith machine is a piece of equipment that can assist you with weight training. It is built using a counterbalanced barbell with steel rails to allow near-vertical and vertical movements.

Well, when the two workouts were put in the spotlight, one stood out over the other. Compared to using the Smith machine, the dumbbell bench press is exemplary when it comes to your biceps.

3. You can do it with a single arm.

One of the dumbbell bench press variations is done by doing the exercise holding the dumbbell with a single arm. This variation is popularly called the single-arm dumbbell bench press.

Holding one dumbbell for one round will greatly strengthen the core muscles in your chest area, according to an article published on the Peer-Reviewed & Open Access Journal. Athletes will make the most out of this benefit.

As well, the dumbbell bench press is also an anti-rotational strength exercise. What’s that, you ask?

Anti-rotational strength exercises are those that challenge you to move your muscles accordingly. They shape your muscles to avoid causing damage to particular body parts.

Take, for instance, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine (or the middle and the bottom of your spinal area, respectively). Strengthening these areas are a good idea, however, you shouldn’t forget that they are not designed for too much movement.

4. Best pressing exercise when training alone

If the road to your ultimate fitness goal is yours (and yours alone) to conquer, the dumbbell bench press can be an ideal helper.

Are you aiming towards high-intensity training? If so, dumbbell training can effectively inch you closer towards a much better form.

Even without a fitness training partner, you have a higher shot at successfully shaping up because the dumbbell bench press offers intense strength training. It can be done easily, too!

As confirmed by a research study on hypertrophy published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, intensive strength training allows you to re-shape into a much better form easily.

While on the subject, do you know anything about the “run the rack” technique? Using dumbbells, find a weight you can only lift for 6 reps. Next, use a weight that is 5 pounds lighter and do another 6 reps. Continue moving down weights in 5 pound increments until you reach a weight where you could easily complete more than 6 repetitions.

The run the rack technique offers flexibility, too. It is a great way of continuing your work out even if you achieved muscle failure.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the run and rack technique is exclusive to the dumbbell bench press exercise and dumbbell family.

5. It addresses muscular imbalances and deficiencies.

Nearly everybody suffers from a muscular imbalance of some sort. You either overwork particular muscles, or remain in one position for a prolonged period of time to cause it.

With muscular imbalances and deficiencies, your motor skills are affected. The symptoms include: limited movement, instability, and balance or coordination difficulties on particular body parts.

It’s a great thing that a dumbbell bench press workout addresses these problems, according to an article published on the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It corrects these problems by allowing your limbs to work unilaterally and increase muscle fibers.

This means that over-compensation, a common problem when it comes to frequent workouts, is solved!

Do you want to know whether or not you are suffering from muscular imbalances and deficiencies? Here are a few ways to find out:

  • Perform a deep squat. Hold a dowel rod over your head as you drop down into the squat.

    As you push your heels to stand up, make sure that the bar remains over your head. In faulty movement patterns, the heels may come off the ground, the dowel may fall forward or backward, or there may be twisting or leaning.
  • Perform a rotational stability workout. On all fours, extend your left leg and left arm at the same time.

    From that position, bring your left knee and left elbow, and touch them together. Now, try repeating using your right leg and right arm. Ideally, the left and right side should not have any differences.
  • Perform trunk stability push-ups. Align your hands with your forehead (with your chin for women) in a push up position. While doing a pushup, the body movement should be simultaneous. Watch for saggy hips or deep bends in the spine.


To sum it up, with all the amazing benefits of the dumbbell bench press, you can expect a satisfying workout session with this exercise. In particular, if you are looking at intensive strength training, you should definitely consider putting it in your list.

One of the common exercises that the dumbbell bench press is compared to is the barbell bench press. Does it mean that it is automatically the better exercise for you?

The answer is no, it’s not. Ultimately, the better exercise is the one that works exceptionally for you.

To figure out whether or not it is the right exercise for you, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you like the dumbbell bench press exercise? Are you enjoying yourself while you are doing it?

Do you think you are getting a satisfactory workout? Or, do you think another exercise serves you better?

These questions can help you decide.

As for us, we are amazed by the dumbbell bench press.

If you are also impressed by the dumbbell bench press benefits, what are you waiting for? Try it out!

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