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What Is Muscle Catabolism? (And How To Avoid It)

Now we know that each individual’s goal is different, but often the answer to this question can be answered by one, or all, of the following: to increase our muscle mass, improve our muscle strength, lose fat, and ultimately become a better versions of ourselves. And this process usually includes making drastic changes to our diet, […]

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What Is Flexible Dieting And How Does It Work?

For many of us, even the mention of the word “diet” brings us out in a cold sweat and desperately searching for the nearest chocolate muffin. Diets are things we have to do when we start gaining weight, not something we choose to do.  The traditional view of diets is that they are restrictive, bland, […]

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The Truth About Supplements: How Much Does Creatine Help?

Within the health and fitness industry, people are always looking for ways to improve the results of their training. One of the most common ways to gain these improvements is through supplementation. While the supplementation of protein powder is quite common, there are a number of other supplements that can significantly improve performance and boost your results […]

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6 Excellent Pistol Squat Benefits (No. 1 is our favorite)

When it comes to lower body exercises, pistol squats may be the new king. The single leg squat is a challenging exercise that can quickly build incredible strength, balance, and flexibility, especially in your legs and hips. When comparing traditional back squats with pistol squats, there are several reasons why you might want to consider switching up […]

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Why Does My Weight Fluctuate So Much?

For many people, walking into their bathroom and stepping on to the scale can trigger a bit of anxiety. Some may have rituals around the whole thing, like emptying their bladder and weighing themselves before having breakfast, all to make sure that the number they see between their feet is (hopefully) lower than the last […]

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