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50 Top Nutrition Blogs Guaranteed To Help You Achieve Peak Health & Performance

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, nutrition is an integral part of achieving your goals and maximizing your training results. With this is in mind, we have compiled the top 50 web-based nutrition resources online today.

These 50 blogs provide an abundance of practical and applicable information that can be implemented to increase fat loss, muscle gain, and help you see significant increases in strength and athletic performance. Within these 50 blogs you will unquestionably find the information required to get your training results to the next level.

Read on to find the top 50 nutrition blogs that are guaranteed to help you achieve your peak health and performance.


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50 Top Nutrition Blogs

#1: Kristjan Gunnarsson – Authority Nutrition



Authority Nutrition is exactly what it says – nutrition based on evidence from authorities in the field.

Kristjan Gunnarsson and team have assembled one of the finest nutrition websites on the internet. The key word is ” authority ” because this is a massive topic and Authority Nutrition leaves no stone unturned.

A fantastic website with quality articles posted on a regular basis!

#2: Madeline Given – Madeline Nutrition



Madeline Nutrition gives a holistic approach to women’s wellness and develops customized food and nutrition plans unique to you. She runs a fantastic blog packed full of nutrient dense recipes and nutritional information letting you get the most from your body.

If you have a passion for nutrition and a healthier life we definitely recommend stopping by and reviewing Madeline’s services!

#3: Marion Nestle – Food Politics



Marion Nestle runs a professional and informative blog detailing important and interesting food news. She posts regularly on topics that can affect all of our lives, with careful insight and easy to read articles.

The layout of the blog is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for, and with various publications and media appearances in her portfolio, Marion is surely one to watch in the field of nutrition.

#4: Melissa Hartwig – Whole 30



Melissa Hartwig runs a fantastic nutrition blog with the tag line, "Let us change your life". A published author and authority in her field, her blog details recipes, feedback and success stories for her diet and nutrition plan "Whole 30".

The blog is detailed and easy to navigate with a professional and clean look, along with links to various "Whole 30" merchandise, and of course the plan itself. Whole 30 is definitely one to look out for if you’re looking to make a nutritional change.

#5: Mark Bittman – Mark Bittman



Mark runs a personal and successful blog detailing various aspects of nutrition. From healthy recipes to nutritional tips, Mark’s easy to navigate and easy to read blog is a must for anyone looking to recipe inspiration, or simply looking to find out more about nutrition.

With various published books to his name including his newest book "The Kitchen Matrix", Mark can be seen as an expert in his field and someone to check out for nutritional guidance.

#6: Maria Godoy – The Salt



The Salt, by Maria Godoy gives fun food information and news that can be applicable to all of us. With a vast collection of news stories, interviews and graphics this fun website is engaging and informative with plenty to get your teeth in to in terms of nutrition from children to adults. A great blog for those looking for the latest food information and news stories.

#7: Darya Rose – Summer Tomato



Full of colourful photos and tasty recipes, Summer Tomato is a must read blog for those looking for nutritional inspiration. Darya Rose, creator of Summer Tomato, is an author, former dieter, proud foodist and has a Ph.D in neuroscience so you know the blog posts you read are well structured and researched.

With various accolades to her site including being featured in the New York Times, and one of Time’s top 50 websites of 2011, this site provides great insight and recipes for those interested in nutrition.

#8: Kamal Patel – Examine



Kamal Patel’s articles deal with everything from weight loss to the things we have learned about nutrition in the past 5 years. The site is easy to navigate, with regular and interesting articles being produced on everything to do with nutrition.

With a free 5 day supplements course to learn about different supplements, as well as a regular updates and a strong social media following, the site is great for those wanting to learn about supplements and nutrition as a whole.

#9: McKel Hill – Nutrition Stripped



McKel runs a great looking website that aims to give people the blueprint to live a wholesome and amazing life through good nutrition.

Containing a cookbook and plenty of articles containing recipes, along with a shop, there is plenty of information to get your teeth into! FAQ’s and testimonials show that you are getting quality information and the layout of the site is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. A great blog for anyone interested in nutrition!

#10: Ella Woodward – Deliciously Ella



Love your life, love your food, love yourself is the tag line for this site, and we love the site! Colourful and informative, it contains plenty of delicious looking, healthy recipes.

These recipes deal with everything from breakfast to dinner and snacks in between and all look equally delicious! It’s not hard to see why Ella has had the success she has with a quality blog like this.

#11: Gena Hamshaw – The Full Helping



Delicious vegan recipes made to nourish is the main angle for this website and certified nutritionist Gena runs a great blog for those interested in nutrition.

With a few books to her name, plenty of blog posts, and plenty of recipes, The Full Helping is a great resource for those interested in vegan cooking.

Easy to navigate and great to browse through we definitely recommend this site for those of a vegan persuasion!

#12: Lyssie and Tammy Lakatos – Nutrition Twins



Registered dietitians and fitness coaches Lyssie and Tammy aim to make healthy fun, easy and stress free. Their website looks great with a magazine style layout packed with recipes and articles for detoxing and general healthy living.

They also offer 1-1 programs, have a strong social media following and have published three books, so these twins are definitely good to turn to if you need nutritional advice or healthy living tips.

#13: Melissa Harrison - Buzzfeed



The Buzzfeed food blog is fun and engaging, using humour to tackle some of the topics that can be prevalent for those looking at their nutrition. With interesting quizzes and feel good articles, this site is great to have a browse through and part of the bigger Buzzfeed family.

Although it’s a fun site, it is also packed full of great health tips and recipes to get your mouth watering and we definitely recommend giving it a look!

#14: Anne Mauney - Fannestatic Food



Anne deals with everything healthy living in her fantastic blog Fannetastic Food. From recipes, to running and health tips to even tips about blogging, this site literally has it all.

Featured regularly in the press and packed full of quality information, Anne is most certainly an authority in her field and her blog shows her passion and dedication to a healthy life.

#15: Joy Mcarthy - Joyous Health



A great looking website, Joyous health has the tagline Healthy Inspiration to live your most joyous life. Perfect for those looking for smoothie recipes, or detox solutions, this website covers a range of topics which are all written in a fun and engaging way.

The layout is fantastic and bright, giving a summer feel and the images make all the recipes look delicious! Definitely one to check out if you’re feeling the need for some nutritional inspiration.

#16: Loren Cordain - The Paleo Diet



From the founder of the Paleo Diet movement, and author of the New York Times best selling, "The Paleo Diet", Loren Cordain’s site is the go to resource for all things Paleo.

An expert in his field, Loren injects his passion for nutrition into his writing and covers everything from what the paleo diet is, to fitness articles, all with a paleo theme to them. The go to website if you’re looking for information on the Paleo Diet!

#17: Madeline Shaw - Madeline Shaw



Madeline Shaw has risen in popularity in the recent months due to her fantastic looking website which covers all sorts, from ingredients for shiny healthy hair, to top supplements for general health.

A range of media is presented such as videos, images and books and her shop is successful through a strong social media presence. It’s not hard to see why she is rising in popularity and her blog is a quality resource for all things healthy living.

#18: Gaudreau - Stupid Easy Paleo



Recipes, books, meal plans and even a podcast, the Stupid Easy Paleo site is a great resource for those following the Paleo diet. Delicious looking recipes provide inspiration and tips are given on eating to improve athletic performance.

Another great authority on the Paleo diet, check out Stupid Easy Paleo for fast, effective information on the Paleo diet.

#19: Elizabeth Rider - Elizabeth Rider



Elizabeth Rider is a health counsellor, wellness coach, business mentor and successful entrepreneur and an authority on healthy living and wellness tips that actually work.

With online programs and a range of healthy living blogs, you can spend hours on this site looking at recipes, smoothies and fitness tips.A leading authority with a fantastic website, definitely check out Elizabeth Rider and join her legion of fans on Facebook.

#20: Matt Frazier - No Meat Athlete



Runs on plants! The No Meat Athlete is exactly what the title says, tips for athletes who don’t eat meat.

With articles such as meditation hacks and a guide to your first triathlon this is a great site for those who don’t eat meat, as well as those who do as there are still some fantastic tips in here.

Featuring guest posts, recipes and fitness plans, this website does it all and there is a wealth of information on this site, perfect for everyone.

#21: Erin Alderson - Naturally Ella



Image heavy, this website looks great and is full of fantastic recipes to suit everyone. With a meal planning tool, along with information on all the ingredients used you can find all sorts of information here for a healthy life.

We love this website and its use of high quality images to make the recipes look delicious and nutritious. Head to this site for nutritional inspiration.

#22: Karen Roth - Karen Roth Nutrition



Karen Roth holds a Masters of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition and aims to empower her clients to take control of their health with food choices best suited to them.

A more clinical and scientific website, it is a great resource for people looking to find out the science behind good nutrition and then implement it in their lives.

With her qualifications and style of writing, Karen is a fantastic resource for nutritional advice and changing to a healthy lifestyle.

#23: Anjali Shah - Picky Eater Blog



A board certified health coach, Anjali has a passion for making healthy eating easy, tasty and fun. With a colourful website and informative, easy to read articles this is a great resource for those wanting to live a healthy life.

Personable and well written, she has some great recipes designed to be both tasty and healthy and we recommend this site for anyone wanting some healthy life inspiration!

#24: Dana Shultz - Minimalist Baker



The minimalist baker creates recipes that require 10 ingredients or less to prepare, one bowl or 30 minutes or less to make.

With a variety of cookbooks out, along with a page dedicated to tasty recipes, this is a great resource for easy cooking. She also has a food photography school and you can see why by the amazing pictures she posts on her site. Go and check it out!

#25: Wendy Lopez - Food Heaven Made Easy



Food Heaven Made Easy features a range of articles from tasty recipes to Dietitian spotlights for nutritional information. With fantastic images and a great layout, the site is easy to navigate and has plenty of information on it!

Wendy is a registered dietitian and wants to make the world a healthier place one meal at a time. Her qualifications and quality blog show that she is a leading authority in the nutrition sector.

#26: Heidi Swanson - 101 Cook Books



101 cookbooks focus on cooking with whole natural foods. Heidi highlights recipes from her favourite cookbooks as well as her own recipes inspired by her travels around the world.

With a great layout and easy to navigate site, this website is great for some cooking inspiration and will definitely help you to live a healthier life one meal at a time.

#27: Luise Vindahl - Green Kitchen Stories



Green Kitchen Stories features healthy vegetarian recipes by David, Luise and Elsa. A winner of the best good blog awards 2013, this website is packed full of great information for those looking to learn more about cooking vegetarian food. Images are great, layout is great, content is great!

We think this site is great, go and check it out and take a step to a healthier you.

#28: Sarah Britton - My New Roots



My new roots is the place for Sarah to share her edible inspirations from her playtime in the kitchen. Featuring delicious recipes from a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner, you know the quality of this site is high and Sarah knows what she is talking about!

A fantastic resource for those looking to get experimental in the kitchen while using healthy ingredients as part of a healthy lifestyle.

#29: Anya Kassoff - Golubka Kitchen



Golubka Kitchen is full of amazing recipe ideas to get you back in the kitchen and enjoying food. A finalist of the Best Food Blog Awards, the images are crisp, the layout is clean and the content is great!

Regularly featured in the press and with a published book out, this site is an expert resource for healthy recipes that taste great.

#30: Amy Roskelley - Super Healthy Kids



Getting kids to eat healthily can sometimes be a struggle, but this Super Healthy Kids gives great tips of getting your kids to live a healthy lifestyle.

From complete meal plans to tips on how to get sleep back on track after a holiday, this site is a must use resource for any parents out there struggling to get their child to live a healthy life.

#31: Deryn Macey - Running On Real Food



Deryn shares simple vegan recipes, workouts and wellness tips on her blog Running on Real Food. Along with tips about blogging, lifestyle and fitness she has a great collection of recipes to inspire and try out.

With a strong social media following, she is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why with her quality articles and delicious looking recipes.

#32: Jenne Claiborne - Sweet Potato Soul 



Sweet Potato soul by Jenne Claibourne is a great looking blog site filled with a variety of recipes to get the mouth watering.

With a heavy focus on sweet potatoes in the recipes, she doesn’t just look at recipes, but also topics such as vegan nail polish and edible facemasks!

There’s a great deal of information on this site and we recommend checking it out for vegan health tips.

#33: Angela Liddon - Oh She Glows



Angela celebrates her love for plant-based food in her blog Oh She Glows. With over 900k followers she is active and popular on social media and has a range of recipes suitable for everyone from baby to adult.

It’s a great looking website with fantastic images and an easy to read style which we recommend looking at for some inspiration.

#34: Kathy Patalsky - Lunch Box Bunch



We love this colourful site with healthy recipes and well made videos. Everything about the site from the logo to the images are happy and positive and it’s easy to see why Healthy Happy Life is so popular on social media.

Check out this site for everything on recipes, to cookbooks to travel writing. A great resource!

#35: Laura Wright - The First Mess



Laura writes a great blog with her site The First Mess featuring all sorts of recipes and food ideas. With well presented pictures and a great layout, the blog is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Her posts are personal and written well and it’s easy to read and feel inspired by her recipes and the reasons behind them. Go and have a look for yourself.

#36: Michelle Tam - Nom Nom Paleo



Nom Nom Paleo has a very distinctive style that has now evolved in to featuring podcasts, tshirts and even an action figure!

With great recipes for the Paleo diet, along with a good explanation of what the Paleo diet actually is, there is something for everyone on this site, from videos to podcasts and lunch ideas. Have a look and join the Nom Nom Paleo fan club!

#37: Juli Bauer - Paleomg



We love the simple layout and easy to read style of the Paleomg site! Everything from fitness to fashion is covered, along with some great paleo meal plans and a community site for people testing out the paleo diet for their lifestyle.

Definitely a great resource for those wishing to learn more about the paleo diet, as well as living a healthy life.

#38: Julia Gartland - Sassy Kitchen



With a simple, clean layout and great portfolio, Sassy Kitchen has an easy to read style of writing along with fantastic high quality images to back up the copy.

With quite a few awards for this blog, you’ll find some fantastic information on here, from recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any snacks in between!

#39: Emma Galloway - My Darling Lemon Thyme



A fantastic looking site! Emma lives in New Zealand and shares gluten-free vegetarian food recipes, stories and tips on organic gardening.

She aims to inspire people to look at what they’re putting in their body and through her blog and recipes she is doing just that! A great looking site, clean and professional with some amazing recipes and posts.

#40: Sara Forte - Sprouted Kitchen



Sara provides great tasting recipes using seasonal ingredients and aiming to keep it simple and not over-complicate natural foods.

She believes food tastes best in its purest form and this is shown by her writing and recipes. A great website packed with information and great recipes, along with a shop, go and have a look for yourself and get on board with a healthier life.

#41: Gina Homolka - Skinny Taste



With Skinny Taste, Gina brings delicious healthy recipes from her family to ours. Her recipes are varied, some vegetarian, some paleo, some gluten free and a handy recipe key is present to let you know what the recipe is which is a great touch.

Images are clean and crisp and the recipes look delicious, light and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

#42: Lee Hersh - Fot Foodie Finds



Lee is a recipe creator, photographer, blogger and yoga instructor and all this translates into her blog Fit Foodie Finds.

With great pictures and a perfect layout, this website not only looks great but is also packed with great information on everything from blogging to travel. Whether you’re looking for recipes or a new workout, Fit Foodie Finds has an answer.

#43: Erin Druga - The Almond Earter



The Almond eater has been featured in Shape, Pittsburgh Magazine and Parade among other publications and with its great looking design and easy to assemble recipes we can see why it’s so popular.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack and drink recipes are here, providing a comprehensive list of recipes that can be done in just 30 minutes or less.

#44: Alexis Davidson - Lexis Clean Kitchen



Lexi’s Clean Kitchen is a great site for recipes and beauty with a cookbook and professional photos to illustrate the recipes shown.

A handy recipe key shows which recipes are suitable for whom and the whole blog is professional and clean.

Definitely recommended for those wanting recipe inspiration or beauty tips. Go and have a look for yourself, we recommend!

#45: Julia Mueller - The Roaster Root



The Roasted Root is a great blog that is written to be personal to you, asking questions and giving answers.

Packed full of great recipes as well as a great cookbook, the simple design makes it easy to navigate and get to the recipes that interest you the most.

Their tagline is eat well, eat often and with the recipes provided here you most certainly will!

#46: Kristen Yarker - Kristen Yarker



Kristen Yarker has a blog that is great for both kids and adults with separate sections for both. She features tasty recipes, along with great article such a fat busting myths and how to get your kids not to be picky eaters.

Packed with great information you could spend hours on this site reading about everything from healthy recipes to parenting.

#47: Minh-Hai Alex - Mindful Nutrition Seattle



For Mindful Nutrition Seattle, life is too short to constantly worry about food and Minh-Hai believes you are your own food expert, showing you the way to eat satisfying meals that are good for you as an individual.

With great recipes and informative blog posts, this is a fantastic site for anyone looking to live a healthier life through proper nutrition.

#48: Maya Nahra - Healthy Habit Solutions



Healthy Habit Solutions look at permanent weight loss through behaviour change and Maya tells her very personal story of weight loss in her site.

The site features great posts from fitness posts to weight loss and is a great resource if you’re looking for some inspiration to lose weight. She also features some great recipes that will leave you feeling full and satisfied!

#49: Rebecca Scritchfield - Positively Healthy Blog



Positively healthy Blog aims to find happiness through food, fitness and fun. Rebecca is an expert in food and living a healthy lifestyle and this translates in to her writing which is personal and easy going.

Every post on the blog is empowering and actionable and it’s a great site for anyone looking to find a little motivation to make a change in their life.

#50: Jennifer House - First Step Nutrition



First Step Nutrition aims to nourish your growing family with confidence and get your kids on the right track to a healthy life. The site is broken down into expecting mothers then babies, toddlers and beyond.

With recipes and lifestyle tips for each stage of parenting this is a fantastic resource for getting your kids to eat and live healthy!

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